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The Sims x Ironhack – Scholarships

Written by Annabelli_22

The Sims and Ironhack have partnered up to create amazing opportunities to get win a scholarship for part-time or full time courses at one of the 9 Ironhack campuses.
They are giving away more than 400! scholarships, of a total of €800,000 for both Europe and the US.
So if you’re interested in learning new high-tech skills, read on! And apply for those scholarships!

How do I apply?

Applications are done is 4 steps. Step 1 and 2 is for everyone who applies and step 3 and 4 are for those who have made it through the next round

Step 1: Apply!
Apply to one of the 9 courses they offer for either full time or part time programs. You have the choice between Web Development, UX/UI Design Track or the Data Analytics Track.
Applications are open until December 17th 2019

Step 2: Technical Test
You will get materials to prepare for the technical test after you’ve applied. Don’t worry, you still have some time to prepare, the technical tests are open until January 5th 2020

Step 3: Personal interview
After step 2, it’s a little waiting game. A few will be selected to do the personal interview with a local team member. This can be either done remotely through video call or on-site if you’re close to the selected campus.
Personal interviews close on January 24th 2020

Step 4: Results
Winners of the scholarships will be notified during the week of January 24th 2020

Where do I apply?

Well this all sounds awesome and I want to join, where do I apply?

Well here are the links to apply!

You can chose any of the campuses to apply to, no matter where you currently live. But the courses are not remote or online, so chose one you actually see yourself moving to or where you are already living close to.

The available campuses are: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Berlin, Germany; Barcelona, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Madrid, Spain, Mexico City, Mexico; Miami, United States; Paris, France; São Paulo, Brazil.
Languages for the courses vary per location, so if you don’t speak the language of the country, check out if their courses are available in English before applying.

Amsterdam: All courses in English
Berlin: All courses in English
Barcelona: Both courses in English and content in English and courses in Spanish, content English
Lisbon: All courses in English
Madrid: All courses in Spanish, content in English
Mexico City: All courses in Spanish
Miami: All courses in English
Paris: Some courses in French, the rest in English, all content in English
São Paulo: All courses in Portuguese, content in English

Who can apply?

If you’re over 18 years old. That’s basically the only requirement.
But remember, the courses are not remote or online, so if you have chosen one that is not near you, be prepared to (temporarily) move.
Which can be an amazing adventure as well!

Good luck!!

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