The Sims Mobile – Summer Throwdown League Event

The Summer Throwdown League Event is here!
Get ready to do some new quests in The Sims Mobile and complete your collection!
The event lasts until August 13th, 6pm UK time. You will have 2 extra days to claim your prizes.

Similar to the other events, you can do quests and events to earn tokens.
Those tokens can be used to buy chests, that will contain random items. Play until you unlock the items you want, or until you have all the items.
It is possible to get duplicates, so you may need to try a few times until you get the item you want or miss from your collection.

Also a great tip from the AHQ forums, one of the quests is to host a party! So make sure you have a party slot open to complete it.
Thank you BlueWizardRob!

A few of the items you can win are shown in the image below. Good luck on collecting them all!

Author: Lebanna

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