What's new at Platinum Simmers?

This week, we've completely changed the software used to run our website. Here's a run-down of what's new…

This week, we've completely changed the software used to run our website. Our website used to run on phpBB for the forums, and WordPress for the news and pages. However, we felt it was time to upgrade to a more cohesive system, and after much consideration over the last couple of months, we decided on the Invision Power Suite. But what does this mean for our users?

  • Logging in. Your username and password are unchanged from the old system. If you don't have an account yet, it's quicker and easier to register than ever before!
  • Sims news. No changes here, you can still find the latest Sims news in our news section.
  • Guides, FAQs, and tutorials. Before, these were mixed in with the news. Now they have their own dedicated section. We will be expanding this section greatly over the next month or so, with new guides and information added on an almost daily basis. If you'd like to help us to build up our guides section, or you have a tutorial to share, please comment below!
  • Downloads. These were stuffed into a forum, which was a rather confusing way to look for downloads. Now they have a proper section of the website, and it's easy to submit your downloads too!
  • User blogs and stories. This section was rather messy and difficult to navigate before. Now it's much easier and more intuitive. Members can easily start their own blogs, or even add an RSS link to an external blog to automatically import posts. If you had a blog on the old system and want your posts moving, please PM BlackGarden.
  • Screenshots. We have an all-new screenshots section! If you'd like to share any screenshots from your game, just head over there and upload.
  • Chat. Some things never change! Our easy to use chat is still available, just click the "chat" tab for more information.