Win 250 Simcash in The Sims Social x7!

The official The Sims Social forum are having 7 contests where you can win 250 SimCash in each of them!

All you have to do is dress up your Sim the way you interpret the theme (The Sims Social, not Sims 3).
The themes are: Royally Ridiculous, Office Chic, A Warm summer's day, Evening Gala, So wrong but so right!, Festival Goers and Sexy Babe/Dude

Everyone can do this! Personally I find the house challenges the Sims Social forum has really difficult, but this I can do!
Here is the link to the contest: http://forum.playfis…d.php?t=2893901

Btw if you want your Sim to wear one outfit that you cannot afford, highlight it in the menu with your mouse (do not buy it!) and take the screenshot.

Author: sww

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