Woohoo in the Fortune Teller's caravan!

Hi from Gamescom! I've been playing Supernatural today, and I just wanted to share a few little titbits I discovered. First, as well as the fairy house, another new woohoo location is the fortune teller's caravan. I'll have a look for more possible locations tomorrow.

The jellybean that can cause death can also have a whole load of other positive or negative effects. It only causes you to die if you eat loads of them.

There is a wand that looks crooked, like Bellatrix's wand in Harry Potter.

If you drink more than one elixir, you only get the moodlet from the one you drank most recently – so you could try to cancel out a bad elixir moodlet by drinking a good elixir.

My evil witch kept starting fires, and then extinguishing them herself. Perhaps not so evil!

That's all the little bits of info I picked up today, I'll try to get some time playing Supernatural again tomorrow, and at the end of the weekend I'll write up some much more detailed hands-on impressions. Thanks to EA Germany for helping me to get some time playing today!

[Updated, caravan, not booth, silly me!]

Further updates – Friday 17th August 2012

A small fence is not enough to block against zombies

As a witch you can conjure an apple and then convert that to (better) collectables, no gathering needed!

A witch can cast a charm to cure illnesses, including zombieism

A witch can also cast a charm to make the next Sim they interact with fall in love with them

You can do more cool broom tricks as experience increases (probably a hidden skill)

Magical creatures are immune from some curses, like turning into a toad

Toadification can only be cured by a kiss

The tragic clown makes everyone they interact with sad

Vampire has new interactions compared to late night, biting a sim is different for example.

If you do not have alchemy ingredient, you cannot make the elixir. It's not like with cooking that you automatically by the ingrdient

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