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2 year anniversary Giveaway!

Written by Annabelli_22

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of The Sims 4 and that we have reached 5000 followers on Twitter, we are hosting 3 giveaways!


To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of The Sims 4 and that we have reached 5000 followers on Twitter, we are hosting 3 giveaways!
We will give away official The Sims goodies, that we have combined into packages.
A package contains a T-shirt, wristband and a mystery third item.
Each giveaway will have multiple winners.

  1. Twitter Giveaway! RT this tweet (link) and follow us to enter this giveaway
  2. Facebook Giveaway! Like us and comment on this (link) post what your favourite thing is about The sims 4. Can be anything!
  3. Of course, Site giveaway! Comment down below what your favourite memory is about The Sims

And as a bonus, if you are going to the SimmersMeetUp October 1st in Manchester, let us know in any of the giveaways as well! We might have a little extra for you then.

We will pick random winners and announce on September 9th 2016.
Due to postage it is limited to UK only
(Or if you are attending the SimmersMeetUp in October, you can pick up your prize)

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  • My most fond memory of the sims was when I discovered the vast and welcoming community of simmers on YouTube. Ever since then the sims has easily been my most played game franchise and I’ve even started my own channel! The community is just so inviting and positive compared to others online.

  • In sims 3, my sim had just finished playing guitar; had a bit of a dip in the hot tub. When he got out, and dried himself off; he was hit by a meteorite and killed instantly!!! I was completely unaware that could happen, until that moment!!

  • Hi, my favourite memory is when I first came to NY I had my sims to keep me company. Even though I was away from my family and alone, my self-sim was wis his family and friends.

  • My favourite memory in the sims is actually when I played the sims 2 for the first time! I remember I married my sim to Darren Dreamer in Pleasantview and they had multiple kids. All of which were eventually taken away by the social worker…but still, a fond memory! Haha

  • I remember when I had just bought the game, I had no Idea what I was doing, I remember just spending 4 hours building a starer house then going in to make some scrambled eggs which caused the oven to catch fire, my sim then died, 4 hours well spent i say.

  • My favorite sims memory was when I was sleeping over at my aunts house, and my cousin invited me to play the sims. I had never played the sims before, and he learnt me everything. Wee had so much fun. I think it was the sims 3, but I´m not sure cause I was like 8years old (I know it has a age limit, but I only made a family, built a house, and trained my pets, because I LOVED animals). That was my first and favorite time playing the sims.

  • My fav memory is when I got my first sims game which was Bustin Out. As soon as I got home from school I would plug up my ps2 and play all day.