A lot of people wanted Aliens back in their Sims game, and finally they're here! However, when first playing The Sims 3 Seasons you might wonder where they are! As a special creature in the game, Aliens have more in common with the Unicorns from Pets, than Late Night's Vampires. They are in your world, lurking and waiting for the right moment, but there are a few things that you can do to help thing along, and either have an Alien abduction, or even a friendly Alien appear at your front door!

So, you want to meet an alien? Well, of the two options, abduction is easier than finding and befriending one. There is a very small chance of it happening on any given night. Fortunately there are a few things you can do to increase your chances. Using a telescope at night and collecting two space rocks that day gives the most chance.

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Male Sims may come back from abductions, with the "Unexpected Weight Gain moodlet" indicating that Another Alien Sim will be along in a couple of days – Alien pregnancy is back! The baby will be born 2 days later, and you will be given the choice to keep him or her, or to send them back to the Homeworld. If you keep the Alien baby, you get to pick the traits and raise them as any other baby.


Having an Alien visit you is harder than being abducted. They are sneaky creatures and only show up randomly in the world between 12am and 3am, a very short window to find them. They can show at a random community lot which gets strange lights above it while they're there, or they may come calling at your lot. The chance of them dropping by your home lot increases if you store 5 spacerocks (size doesn't matter).

Once you have introduced yourself to the Alien they show up in your friend list, you can then call them (talk about long-distance call..) and just chat or invite them over. If they move in or get married to your Sim they bring the Galaxa space car.

Alien 'Car'
When you've moved in or married an Alien Sim they bring their own alien ship (or you can also buy it via the buydebug section). Any Sim in the household can use, teleporting instantly to the lot you want, instead of having to deal with roads and traffic. You can also create storms with it.

There are two upgrade options available for the space car. The first is space travel (how did they get there in the first place, you wonder!), which takes you on an adventure similar to exploring the catacombs. This can give you valueable items as a reward.

The second upgrade installs laser cannons, which allow you invade community lots giving a spectacular light show and a good moodlet (and possibly singing Sims who are on the lot)
Alien DNA

With other special Sims, such as witches or werewolves, when you breed them with a human Sim, the offspring is either one or the other, no mixed DNA. With Aliens, it's a bit more complicated, and there is a bit of maths involved as to how much Alien DNA an Alien Sim has.

From a male abduction you get a 100% pure Alien DNA Sim. If that Sim has a child with a Human Sim then the Alien DNA goes to roughly 50%, then 25%, etc. Sims with less than 20% Alien DNA are not considered Aliens any more and do not have access to the Alien powers.

Alien Powers

Brain power

Every alien power your Alien Sim does decreases the new Brain Power motive, replaces the energy motive in regular Sims. There are two ways to restore it when it gets too low, consuming space rocks is the first one or using the Restore Brain Power option on your Alien Sim.
Scan Sims – used on another Sim

Reveals the Sims' traits
Probe – used on another Sim

A friendly interaction that looks weird but finishes with a funny rubber duckie.
Bio Drain and Bio Boost – used on another Sim or Pet!

Bio draining decreases the target Sim's motives to increase your Alien's motives.

Bio boost does the opposite of bio drain.
Re-combobulate Broken Device – used on broken objects

Fixes broken objects
Mind Control – used on a non-household Sim

Will make the other Sim your slave for 2 hours, they will clean and repair items on the lot
Transmute Object – used on Gems

Increases the value of the gem
Summon Meteor – used on the ground of a lot (has to be on a lot, not just any place in the world)

Summons a meteor on that location.
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