The Sims 3

At least 3 more sets to go from The Sims 3 Store!

Got to love it when SimGurus post actual facts! Today @SimGuruCopeland posted this on the forums:

The new harvestables are the PC for the March Set. But did I say that they will work well with another set? I meant they will work
incredibly well two at least TWO more upcoming sets. 

We now know that the 8 harvestables will be the Premium Content for March. We also know that at least two more sets are coming. That means we will get at least 3 more sets from Store (including March set). Seeing as the last few sets have been awesome, they really seem to be giving us what we want!

Wonder what the future sets will be that work well with (strawberry) harvestables, jam making? tea? (more) baking? Or maybe being able to make Fruit/Vegetable Smoothies like we could in The Sims 2?

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