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A new blog appeared with some extra news on The Sims Mobile, written by SimGuru SarahJen.

Currently the new mobile game is in soft launch and is only available to play by residents of Brazil, they do this to test the game on a larger scale before launching worldwide.
The game has many aspects from The Sims 4, and The Sims Freeplay.


A new element in the game is legacies. Of course, we can create legacies in the other games as well, but they added an extra twist to it. Sims have life goals to achieve, the more life goals a Sim achieves in their lifetime, the better the quality of the heirloom they will leave behind when they retire. And by retire I’m not sure they mean retire life, or retire job?
Heirlooms can open up possibilities for future generations, like new hobbies, perks, careers and more.

2017-05-10 19_47_41-The Sims Mobile (iOS_Android) Gameplay Preview Video _ Official Mobile Game - Yo

Play together

We had already heard we could play together, attend parties from friends, but the blog tells us a bit more of how it works. As said, you can attend parties with real life friends, but you can also live together!
You can develop relationships with your friends sims, however, the relationship type is private, but the relationship progress is shared. So in your game, your Sims can be lovers, while in your friends game, they can be enemies.

2017-05-10 19_47_03-The Sims Mobile (iOS_Android) Gameplay Preview Video _ Official Mobile Game - Yo

Read the full blog here and if you have questions or feedback for Maxis, head on over to the forums

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  1. This game seems awesome!,I just wish our sims4 of game wld be just as great! Si ce we’ve spent a lot of money on this game,I love my sims 4 ,but we need a bit more to make it great.

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  2. I like it when f?lks get together and share opinions.
    Great website, ?ontinue the good work!

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