Bohemian Garden Set Review

Woo!  After a tricky start it’s finally here!  As a hippy chick at heart this set really appeals to me! 

It’s a great mix of pretty vintage clothing and garden stuff and did I mention the 8 new harvestables!? 

Wow!  My sims are berry excited about this one.  ^.^


So what’s included? There are 31 items in this set: 10 new create-a-sim clothing items, 9 new buy mode items, 4 new build mode items and… did I mention… EIGHT new harvestables!!!


So, you might have guessed, I’m pretty excited about the new harvestables!  I love the gardening skill in the game, love creating perfect quality produce, and I’ve been hoping for [read: harassing for] berries for a long time!  So, what have we got!?

  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Pears
  • Peaches
  • Pecans
  • COCOA!  (The most important one imao)

Hmmm…. what could sims possibly do with all those ingredients?   <_<   >_>

Well, @SimGuruCopeland has indicated in his usual mysterious and omnipotent way that these goodies will work VERY well with two future store items!!!  Pecan pie anyone?  NO?  How about some strawberry jam?  I don’t know what that sneaky store team is planning but if it’s got anything to do with pies or jam I’M THERE!

There are several ways for your sims to get hold of the new plants.  The quickest is to use the buydebug cheat to unlock them in buy mode.  You can also buy them from the grocery store or Humble Harvest stand.  I’m not sure if the seeds will automatically start spawning around the world, I haven’t found any yet but I’m guessing they might.  Let me know if you find any!

There has been some confusion about recipes.  The new fruits can be used with the nectar maker from World Adventures to make new types of nectar (the nectar maker can be found in buydebug or  can be purchased from a nectary register).  You might even be offered the new fruit nectars at the nectary!

You can make pancakes with the new harvestables but this is not exactly a new recipe, the pancakes have always used a variety of in-game produce, but it’s fun when it happens!  You cannot, at the point of writing this, turn the cocoa into chocolate.


The CAS in this set has had a mild reaction in the forums.  Personally I couldn’t WAIT to get my paws on it and give it a good CASt!  The pre-sets suit the Boho style but might not appeal to everyone.  I found that giving them plainer patterns made the Bubble Sleeve and Fabulous Floral dresses look similar to the ones from the 5th Avenue and the Mid-Century Modern sets.  I’d say they are more formal looking than the other Boho looks.

A quick warning about the Fabulous Floral dress, in the store promotional pictures it was shown with a bold flower pattern, the dress does NOT come with this pre-set but you can find a similar version in my studio.  The Athletic Dress is indeed enabled for athletic wear and has a bit of a tennis dress look if coloured in white, and the Asymmetrical Cowgirl Shirt is enabled for Outerwear and makes a nice winter jacket if teamed with some jeans and boots.

There is no clothing for males (I know, I know) but at least we get the Dainty Dress and Jacket for elder females, yay!

There are two new hairstyles for females, a cowgirl hat which looks super-cute and a bandanna.  These are surprisingly stylish as the hair is perfectly neat underneath and I’d say they’re berry cute!  >_<

And the boots!  THE BOOTS!  Have I not mentioned the boots!?  A good pair of simple yet stylish boots has been missing from the game all this time and FINALLY we have them!  I’m seriously in love with these boots! In fact, my sims are currently burning all the other boots in a kitchen fire right now, because THIS is the only pair they’ll ever need! (Did I mention I love these boots?)


How.  Cute.  Are. These. Items???  I love how they’ve compiled this set, because although the objects look great in a relaxed Bohemian garden, there are so many ways to incorporate them in other settings!

String Lights: Gorgeous!  That’s all I have to say.  Actually, there’s a lot I have to say about these lights!  They’re fully recolourable, and you can colour individual lights to give it a Christmassy look, or leave them plain for a more edgy look.  They’re perfect for all sorts of uses: urban lofts, clubs and bars, restaurants, fairgrounds, outdoor parties…  they’re such a highly functional item!  AND there are two versions, one for walls and one for ceilings!  Use the ‘moveobjects on’ cheat to get maximum creative potential!!!

Outdoor lamps: With all these fabulous lamps you’re really spoiling us store team.  >.^  I love the chunky rustic look of these!  Hang them from a porch or tree or set them on the ground or table.

Woodsy Wedding Arch: I love the fairy stuff in the store, even though I don’t actually play with supernaturals that much, I like the natural and pretty look of the objects.  The twisted wood of the wedding arch with the flowers trailing across them is so beautiful, I can’t imagine a more romantic setting for sims to get married!  This is instantly a favourite object!  Although, I’ll admit the flowers are a bit 2D.

Chairs:  Chairs, chairs, chairs!  We’ve got enough chairs to fill a houseboat!  Yet, the chairs in this set are smarter than the average chair!  Well, maybe not smarter, but at least they’re unique!  The hanging garden chair is super pretty and has a lovely vintage look to it.  And the pouffes are perfect for those cool bohemian sims.  They’re also really adaptable and even look fab in the corner of a modern room!

One With Earth Garden Gazebo: Have you ever tried building your own gazebo and found them super-tricky?  Now everysim can have a pretty place to relax with this plonk-it-down-and-your-done gazebo!

One Love Rose in a Vase:  Yep.  This is another item forum-types have been pestering the gurus about!  A traditional single rose in a vase for our romantic dinner dates!  And they’re recolourable!  So if you want cow-print roses, go for it!  ^.^

Flowers: There are 4 new flower beds which can be found in build mode as usual.  But these flowers are special because they’re recolourable!  They do tend to look a bit bright so I had to play around with the patterns and shaders for a while, but I think they look nice in a deep red.  There are two wild looking beds, which look best blended in with other flowers and bushes (I use the ‘moveobjects on’ cheat for this to get maximum squish) and the other two beds look great planted inside a low fence.


So, that’s the set! It’s one of my favourites!  If you are as obsessed with gardening and flowers in the game as I am, then you probably already have this set! If gardening doesn’t interest you then I’d say just pick up the items that do.  However, it’s worth bearing in mind the hints about the harvestables being compatible with future content.  We don’t know what that is but if you think it might be something that will interest you, remember that at this moment in time the harvestables are only available as part of the set.  Normally, the premium content in sets gets released separately at a later date but you never really know with the store.  Take care and happy simming!

(Note: I also used items from Supernatural and World Adventures for my images, please do check the store page for which items are included in the set.  If you like the house you can download it from my studio on the official forums)

Author: cinderellimouse

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