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What’s that you say? Formal clothing for teens? And… JEWELLERY in the store?! Well… where do I throw my money!?

I think it’s great that the store has shown teen sims some love, because their clothing choice is quite limited. And with all the historical content in the store lately, the more modern players have been tapping their feet and asking, ‘What about us!?’. Well, the gurus listened and made us this lovely, sparkly Homecoming set! Thanks gurus!

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My initial thoughts are that this set is a bit… odd. It seems a bit of a miss-moss of prom-night inspired sparkle, sports stuff, and umm… kids private school uniforms. I’m a UK simmer and we don’t have Homecoming, so maybe that’s why it seems conflicted to me. On the other hand, the items are really well-made and useful as individual pieces.

Go! Fight! Win! Jersey and T-shirt Tuxedo

This is available for both male and female sims, and is available for teens through to elders! My first reaction to these was ‘Meh’ because we have a lot of sporty looking tops already, but then I found that they are enabled for sleepwear! They look super-cute as an oversized boyfriend jersey for female sims at bedtime. They are sportswear enabled too. The T-shirt Tuxedo is perfect for the more ironic sim, and there is a teen and adult version. Go team!

Shoes! Shoes! More Shoes!

Don’t blame me, blame my gender, because when I saw that there are THREE PAIRS of new SHOOOES! I got a bit over-excited! And I adore the U-strap High heels! I want them in real-life too! All the shoes recolour really nicely, all channels are customizable, even the buckle on the High Heel With Stone Accent has it’s own colour channel!

Great job on the little details store team! All three styles are available in both teen and adult versions! And at only 25 simpoints a pair they are such good value.

Jewellery and Corsage

No, your not imagining it, the store FINALLY has jewellery! Woo! There are three necklaces, a pair of earrings and a corsage. The jewellery is very pretty and is fully recolourable too! The necklaces are either for teens or young adult to elder sims, so be careful when buying to make sure you get the right one.

The teen necklaces are available as both everyday and formal wear, but the adult version is inexplicably NOT available for formal wear. Hopefully, the store elves will look into this for us.

The earrings have interesting colour channels, some of the stones can be coloured separately, and they are enabled for teens, young adults and adults. The corsage also has good recolour options and is available for teens OR adults, again, make sure you get the right one.

Prep School Uniforms and Teacher’s Threads

These three options for kids are gorgeous! Each one has four different options of school badge designs, and a plain stencil-free option too. If you played the sims 2 and remember the private school feature, you might be happy to have these back in your game!

Even if you don’t, it’s cute to be able to create a unique school uniform for each different world. The designs on the badges made me think of the four houses of Hogwarts too, so if you have any budding witches or wizards on their way to Simwarts, these are the outfits for them!

Terrific and Classic Tuxedos

These two outfits come are available for both teens and adults (make sure you grab the right one)! I really like how the terrific tuxedo for teens looks dated and oversized, like the poor kid had to borrow his dad’s old tux at the last minute! It reminds me of the one ‘Jim’ wears in American Pie. It is possible to recolour it to black, making it a tad more wearable.

It works well for adults too: I just put it on a scruffy sim, I like how it makes him look like he’s uncomfortable and feeling awkward in his formal clothes, like he doesn’t know how to dress up! The classic tux is much more umm… classically stylish! It reminds me of Fred Astaire! It will be perfect for that budding superstar in class!

Female Formal Dresses

There are a total of SIXTEEN new formal dresses in this set: eight for teens and eight for adults. Each dress is available for teens or adults, which is great! However, I do feel that the style of these dresses suits teen sims better, I think there are better options available for adult sims.

They are very well made, they are so easy to CAS, with beautiful graduated colour-channels and almost everything is recolourable, even the sparkly bits! Some of the presets are a bit bright, but that suits the prom theme. Personally, I think they are much more beautiful when changed to more muted colours.

Final Thoughts

It’s great that we have more options for teens, because they were sorely needed! The female formal wear in particular is so useful, because it truly reflects what teens wear to proms (at least in my experience) and all my female teens are looking very glittery and stylish right now!

The accessories are brilliant too!It’s just a shame the adult necklaces aren’t available for formal wear. 🙁

The kids outfits are super-cute! And the jersey is surprisingly useful too, I’m finding I’m using it more than I thought I would. All in all the set is very well made, with great recolour options! And it definitely fills in some gaps.


If you can’t afford the whole set, I’d definitely recommend picking up a few choice pieces or popping them on your wishlist, and catching the rest of the set when it goes on sale.

Author: cinderellimouse

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