The Sims 4 City Living – Apartments

Just last week The Sims 4 City Living was announced as the next expansion pack for The Sims 4 (see here)
With lots of new features that come with life in the city, one of those features is apartments!

This new trailer and blog shows and tells us more about how apartments work.

The low priced apartment, sounds like a steal, but ends up having roaches (Yes, they are back!), other rodents, leaky plumbing or bad wiring.
But, fear not, you can call the landlord to fix that. Better keep the landlord on good terms though, or you can get on their badside!


But there are different types of apartments. Like Sims, apartments have traits! This defines what kind of apartment it is.
These are traits given to apartments in the trailer, but SimGuruJM confirmed on twitter there are about 20 different ones.

  • Romantic Aura
  • Filthy
  • Chef’s kitchen
  • Party place
  • Good schools
  • Home Studio

These ‘building traits’ can be given to ANY lot, not just apartments.


Apartments aren’t all fun and games though – they are small and have thin walls, so if you have loud neighbours, you will hear them. Along with music, woohoo, and all sorts of disturbances.
But that’s not all, maybe you even get a neighbour ringing your door to ask if they can use your shower!

Neighbours can be fun too of course, maybe you’ll find your new best friend, or even your soulmate in your building.
You can even exchange keys, so your friends can visit any time!

You can’t change the walls in an apartment, what you see is what you get. But you can change the walls, or anything for that matter, of a penthouse! Because well, a penthouse is the ultimate apartment!

We are wondering if this means you can’t build your own apartments at all, or that apartments are limited to San Myshuno only. Still plenty to find out and ask the SimGurus.

Watch the full trailer below and read the official blog!

Author: Lebanna

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