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Cloud save for The Sims 3

Written by sww

After reading this article on SimCookie I checked myself in Origin if we have cloud save now for The Sims 3 and we do. You can find it in Origin by clicking your Original The Sims 3 game -> press the little information icon (‘i’) > then click on Cloud storage (next to the details tab).


Cloud storage means that your savegames will be stored on the EA/Origin servers so that you can synchronize your savegames whereever you are (between different PCs/etc).

This does raise a lot of questions with me.

  • Does this just save the savegames?
  • How about Custom Content?
  • Custom (store) Worlds?
  • Screenshots/Videos
  • Mods?
  • Is 100MB  enough space?

My last savegame (at most 3-4 hours of gameplay) is 63MB, that is 126MB including the Backup.

In general I am a fan of cloud storage, I use Dropbox and Google Drive a lot. But 100MB for The Sims 3 is most likely not enough. It would be great to have a way that we can play the same exact savegame without worrying about copying over the my documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 folder manually each time. Cloud storage could do that for us.

Cannot wait for some official information regarding this.

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