Cracking the Sims 4 code

UPDATED 22:08 BST on 14th May 13 – final sentence from @SimGuruKevin – read the finished message below!

UPDATED 21:06 BST on 14th May 13 – new sentence from @SimGuruGrant, waiting for @SimGuruKevin to give us the final part of the puzzle.

For the last two days the official The Sims 3 Twitter and Facebook accounts have been talking about figuring out a code.

I personally started The Da Vinci Code type of figuring out what it meant. Well I was wrong and @Simstias told me how it really works.

Basically this code is a route map to introduce you to the twitter account of different The Sims 4 people. Each of them have a tweet with #thesims4, you have to put that text into the part where their name is mentioned in the code.

Finished code:
The finished code

Finished text:
Because you took the time to decode this message, here’s why we love you:

  • Your creativity captivates us, your enthusiasm inspires us
  • May 23, June 18, July 9, remember these days.
  • Without you, we wouldn’t have come this far

We’re making this game for you, because of you. Thank you for being the greatest fans in the world

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