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The Sims 4 to come EARLY 2014

Written by sww
Update: Maxis has announced that The Sims 4 will be released in the fall of 2014

We found confirmation that gives an approximate date for the release of The Sims 4! Early 2014. Today was the Electronic Arts Q4 2013 Earnings Conference Call in which they talk about what is coming in the near future for their stockholders. There is one very interesting sentence in this report:
And as we announced yesterday on EA’s blog, we will publish The Sims 4 on PC in early 2014.
We’re not going to speculate on what early 2014 means as it can mean calender year or fiscal year. And we also want to stress, just because their goal currently is early 2014 does not mean it will stay that way. Remember The Sims 3 was delayed for a few months.

This conference call also explains why they announced The Sims 4 yesterday; EA wanted to include the Sims 4 news in this report.

They mention some more the Sims 4 news but that is not news to us.

Moving on to The Sims 4, The Sims is one of EA’s most enduring franchises with more than 150 million games sold since it debuted in 2001. We listened closely and designed a game that
incorporates the incredible feedback from our players. First and foremost, The Sims 4, will be designed as a single-player offline experience with integrated community features that allows

You can see the full script of this talk here:


All the slides and even a recording of this call be found here:

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  • I think Electronic Arts and Maxis don’t want to give an actual release date is that they just want to be sure. I mean, they wouldn’t want to disappoint gamers again by postponing the launch of Sims 4 like we saw with Sims 3. I don’t know about other Sims fans, but I’m perfectly fine with Sims 4 being launched anywhere between January and May 2014.