EA Maxis first podcast

Written by Annabelli_22

Last night The Sims has released their very first podcast!
They did this under the EA Community Team Cast, where a range of EA games have had podcasts as well, like FIFA, Battlefield, Apex Legends and so on.

In this podcast SimGuruGrant interviewed SimGuruLyndsay where they talked about The Sims and the development of it. Lyndsay Pearson has been with The Sims since 2002 and has had numerous roles within the team.
You’ll learn what a General Manager (GM) does for The Sims, what Lynsday has done in the psat for The Sims as well as some fun anecdotes about especially The Sims 2!

To listen to the podcast, here are a few links to different platforms.


Click on the links and they’ll take you directly to the The Sims episode of the podcasts.

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