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First Sims 4 expansion to be released sometime after April 1st

Written by BlackGarden
Dig through the details of EA’s Q3 financial script and you’ll find that they seem to be delaying the release of The Sims 4’s first expansion pack until their 2016 financial year. EA’s 2016 financial year begins on 1st April 2015, so it could be any time after that date. Speculatively, we’d guess that they could go for Q1 of their new financial year, which would put it between April and June.

Of course, many Sims fans won’t have been expecting an expansion pack before then anyway, since nothing has actually been announced yet, but it does seem that at one point at least, EA expected to release the pack in their 2015 financial year:

The reduction in our Q4 revenue expectation is based on uncertainty around future currency movements and the decision to 7 move EA SPORTS PGA TOUR and the first Sims 4 expansion pack to FY16.

So, time to ask that question again – what expansion pack do you want to see first?

Read the full script yourself here.

Thanks to Beyond Sims and Sims Community for the heads up!

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