The Sims Freeplay

FreePlay Bonus Quest: “Anglers and Mutants”

The Sims FreePlay just came out with a new bonus quest!

Complete the new quest “Anglers and Mutants” before 2 weeks from today (January 5th) to unlock a LIMITED EDITION Müté Fis Fashion Accessory Pack!

Somebody’s dumped poisonous materials into the Park lake, and fish are mutating of it! You need to clean it up, and fast! Like “The Great Ghost Escape” quest, the Fishing hobby will be reset and a whole new set of collectibles will become available, along with 2 additional levels added to the Fishing skill!


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  • This quest is so annoying, I am stuck on the part where it says to catch 12 fish and I have been fishing for the past day and have caught well over 30 fish and it still hasn’t gotten me to move to the next part 🙁

    • You have to catch 12 different TYPES of fish not just lets say 12 carps 🙂

      Glad i could be of help

      C ya l8r alligator

  • Thank you! I thought I was being punished for something…lol! I keep switching it up to see if there’s some trick to this…all I’m catching is Brown Trout! Boring! The first few quests went smooth enough, now I’m stuck on this ‘catch 12 fish’…do they mean all 12 DIFFERENT fish, if so, forget it! I can’t catch anything but the before mentioned Brown Trout. Im using 3 different Sims to fish…any suggestions?

    • If I were you, I’d worry about leveling up your Sims’ fishing skills. 😉
      Two new levels have been added, and each time you fish you earn about 0.7% skill increase.
      What I’m doing is while using one Sim to fish, at the same time I’m having 15 other Sims working on all of the different hobbies to complete the sets and earn tons of LP, which I will use to either level up by using the hour long fishing action, or unlocking fish with the Lucky Spin button. 🙂

      • Thanks for the info! It finally corrected itself…all I need is that crab in a can! Lol! My ‘fisher sims’ are leveled up, don’t know why the glitch, but happy to be rid of it! I see others are having difficulties finding the reward gear…I’ll have to pay attn to what the stuff looks like if I choose to use it. I just really enjoy the quests, something different to mix it up a bit. I’m a bit of a purist, I don’t pay for extras or use cheats, it’s slow going, but I’m patient…I will eventually get to a level or item I’m interested in! Thanks again! …and to others that offered suggestions!

          • If you mean you’ve been fishing for as long as possible (24 hours at a time), don’t do that. That will earn you experience increase, but not enough.
            All interactions in Sims FreePlay are better off with using the shortest action – in the end, it will provide you with more stuff. (2% XP for fishing for 4 minutes at a time for a straight hour will earn you 50% total, while 4% for 24 hours at a time will get you nowhere!)

          • Excellent point Bunbunnyny! You’d think the longer something takes to achieve, it would reap big rewards…not the case! These ‘4 min jobs’ are perfect level builders! I get everyone doing their job as I putter around and pop back every 4 mins! The time flies and levels rise! Lol!

    • I had the same problem with catching nothing but brown trout at least 20 times in a row. Using a lucky spin snapped the Sim out of it. Works for getting stuck in woodworking too. BTW I’ve been getting 3 free LP for “saving Christmas” every time I visit a neighbor (once a day) if you need some quick LP to use on a lucky spin.

  • After spending the most of the last two days fishing, I finally found a good use for the lucky spin. I burned up about 30 or 40 life points but I ended up getting all the fish and completing the quest. Yeah, now it’s back to real life.

  • I finished the quest and don’t know where the fashion accessory pack is. Is it mixed in with the clothes in the dresser? Nothing I can see looks new.

    • I think that the new accessories can be found in the Salon if you have built it already for the accessories, and I think a few new shoes were unlocked. 🙂
      Honestly, there’s too much selection for me to be able to tell what’s new or old. 😛

    • I finially finished the quest and I don’t see anything new in the dresser/wardrobe or in the salon. Disappointing.

    • This step can be completed by using any normal wall phone, it’s not a special phone.
      After buying a phone from the electronics section (if you don’t already have one), just tap on the special interaction to call the science lab. 🙂