Gifting on Origin Across the globe!

Written by Annabelli_22

It’s been a highly requested feature on Origin – the ability to gift games to friends through Origin.
This was never possible without a work around, until today!

When you are in the Origin store, you can now select the option: purchase as a gift


There are however a few restrictions on gifting games

  • Users are younger than the age restriction of a game
  • A game is not giftable
  • The user has blocked users because they don’t want to receive gifts through Origin
  • It is DLC and your friend does not own the base game
  • Your friend lives in a different country

Once you click “purchase as a gift” you get this (see image below) pop up window where you can select the friend you want to gift it to.
Now, that last restriction on gifting is is a restriction we don’t like, since we from Platinum Simmers alone are already in different countries, this would mean we could not gift each other and as you can see, the friend at the top is not selectable for gifting, since she lives in the UK and I live in The Netherlands.

But fear not, we have found a work around for this!

And it’s actually 1 easy step. The friend you want to gift the game to needs to go to their “Customer Portal
There they need to change their “Country of residence” to what ever country the gifter is in. It is important that the receiver changes this setting, because the other way around does not work.


Once they do that, you can select them to gift the game to!



Enjoy the gift giving season!!

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