Greenhouse competition

With Seasons just around the corner we are all disappointed that the expansion pack does not include greenhouses, but with the planters that came with Supernatural we can make our own greenhouses. So we thought to have a competition to use these planters to make a greenhouse.


The Scenario
We supply you with a house that has an empty yard, your goal is decorate the yard completely, with at least 1 greenhouse. The rest of the decorations are up to you, can be plants, trees, objects, pools, decks, ponds, whatever you want, you are also not restricted to 1 greenhouse.

You have to keep the floorplan of the house, which means you cannot remove any of the exterior walls or add to the original house. Feel free however to redecorate the house completely including removing interior walls, remove/add windows/doors whatever you can imagine to make the most gorgeous submission.

Click here for the house.

Custom Content
Can only use content from PlatinumSimmers, store and the games (including every expansion pack). This does allow you to use Gosik's planters that work in Basegame.

If you make custom content yourself want to use it in your house, you can submit it to PlatinumSimmers

To Submit
To submit the house you have to upload it to PlatinumSimmers and please make sure you have "greenhouse" mentioned in the description somewhere.
These two guides explain how to upload a house: Quick Upload Guide and Detailed Upload Guide.

Now to the best bit!

First Prize
We are giving away store content of your choosing up to 2000 Simpoints! You read that right, 2000 points!
You yourself can decide what to spend it on, for example Hidden Springs costs 2000 points currently (sale lasts to the end of the year), or get 3/4 of the magic items to enhance your Supernatural game (1800 points, you can then find another item of 200).

Second Prize
Store content of your choosing up to 600 Simpoints, several sets in the store cost 600 Simpoints

Third Prize
100 Simpoints, there are many single items that cost 100 points or less.

Prizes can be redeemed up to 3 months after notification that you won, in case you already own the entire store or do not like what is on sale you can wait for a better sale.

The contests starts on 16th of october 18:00 CET (BST+1) and ends on the 6th of November 18:00 CET (GMT+1), this gives you 3 weeks.
Winners will be notified on or before the 20th of November.

Judging is based on originality, detailed decoration of both interior and exterior and functionality of the garden/greenhouses. Every house will be tested in game to see how pretty it is and how well it works.

Functionality tip: Many harvestable plants look gorgeous but if a Sim has to garden 24/7 it is not very functional, try to find a good balance there.

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