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Happy Birthday to The Sims!

Written by moza

Twenty one years ago, a small computer game hit the shelves, and the phenomenon that would become The Sims franchise was born.  And I’ve been playing it since then!

To celebrate this milestone, as part of this month’s patch EA have included 21 new items of content created by members of the Sims community.  This includes make up by grimcookies and peachyfaerie, furniture by HeyHarrie and peacemaker_ic and clothes by AHarris00Britney among others.

The full list of content and creators can be found on the blog, here!

When you’re looking for the items in-game, there’s a new option under the filter Special/Birthday, or you can look for this icon:

There are also a few bug fixes included.

Happy Birthday to The Sims franchise, here’s to many more!

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