How do *you* play? Community Challenge

This challenge is to show off how you play your game. The Sims community has players, legacy players, storytellers, builders, Youtubers and many more types of players. We thought it would be fun and interesting to have many people in the community play the same family and to then show off in what direction each of them went.


How does it work?

One person makes a Sim family that they think will be a challenge or different to play with. Everyone who wants to join in downloads the family and plays with them in their game.

If you want to fulfill their lifetime wishes, do that! If you think the family should get a prettier house, build one. If you want to play in Sunset Valley, Dragon Valley, a custom world; do that and show it off!

Then share with us how you have played the family!


How long should you play the family?

Play the family for how long it takes you to get a feel for them. We suggest at least a few sim weeks, maybe even age them up.


Each family will be played for a month in Real Life, that gives you a lot of time to really get to know them.

What do I do next?

Share your experience with us! Write a paragraph, a tweet, make screenshots or make a video and tweet it to us or email it to [email protected] or leave it as a comment on our facebook page.


We will make a big post to share everyone’s experiences and might even make separate ones to feature some special stories.


Rule (there is only one)

No Money Cheat! Sorry builders but try to play without money cheats.
Don’t worry, one of the challenges will include a nice rich family 🙂


When does it start?

This challenge starts on October 1st and lasts for 1 month, look out for a post with the Newbie family! We’re bringing back a classic to start this challenge with.

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