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How I fell in love with the Gallery

Written by sww

I remember Rachael Franklin in the E3 press conference showing off the Gallery and thinking at the time, we have the exchange – why is this any better? I bet many of you had the exact same thought as me, we wanted to see gameplay at the time, not The Sims 4’s version of the exchange.

Now that I have (many) gaming sessions in The Sims 4 I’m noticing that the gallery is really awesome. I’ve put in a good few hours in the game and what always happens around this time, I’m bored with the standard starter homes that come with the game. Especially because there really are not that many in The Sims 4. If this was The Sims 3 I would be hitting ‘PEPS’ by now (Pre-Expansion Pack syndrome).

12-08-14_10-43 PM

To fix this boredom of starter homes as soon I load the game, I go to the gallery and spend a few minutes picking out a home for my Sims. Press the place button and my Sims have a new home. It is so fast and seamless, a presentation at E3 could never have shown off the true power.

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But there is more.

I start off with a small starterhome but what makes the gallery especially great is that we can share rooms. I had a single-Sim household then I made her adopt a kid. The kid needs a bedroom and by going to The Gallery in just a few min I had a kidsroom. As my Sim earns money I just keep adding rooms and rooms to the house. They do not all match perfectly but I play the game for gameplay, not to have a perfectly decorated house.

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The gallery works great for people who just love to play the game and quickly need more space.

It is not perfect though, builders can fill in a lot of information about a house but in the gallery we cannot filter for those!

My wishlist for the gallery
  • Filter by # of bed- and bathrooms
  • Filter for type of rooms/features in a home – pools for example.
  • Ability to select a family has to have a certain ages, like the family needs to include a child.
My wish for builders

It would be really awesome if builders made starter-homes and also uploaded rooms that could be used to extend the house or replace existing rooms. This will create a complete house in the same style.

What do you think?

Do you use the gallery and love it? Or do you completely ignore it?

Do you download full houses or just single rooms?

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