How to build the perfect Resort – Part 2: How to get a 5 star Resort

Written by sww

The formula for a 5 star resort comes down to two parts, amenities and workers. Once you know which amenities are needed it is easier to get a 5 star resort than you think at first!

Note: If you want to keep the resort management challenge please do not read further here and to go to the next article: Building your own resort.


Amenities are the items like pool bars, buffet tables that make Sims happy. In the buy mode there is a new sub menu (Sort by Function > Resorts) that show all the Resort Items that will positively influence your star rating.

Here is the full list of items and settings your Resort should have to get a 5 star rating:

Buffet Tables8 Tables – 1 dedicated to each type of food.
Set food quality on High
Firewalking pit1 seems to be enough on Hot
FoodstandSet food quality on High
GymHave at least three Gym items on the resort
Hot tubSet water temperature on Hot
LandscapingBuild enough trees, flowers, schrubs and rocks till you stop seeing the + while placing one.
Late Night BarIf you have Late Night installed you can use the bars that came with it for your Resort.
PoolSet on Chlorinated, bigger pools with decoration (slide/diving board/waterfall) make it easier to get a5 star resort.
Pool barSet drink special on Fresh-N-Fruity
Resort TowerUpgraded to lvl 3
Room and Spa service on
Wedding Arch

All the amenities are basically a math sum that gets you 100% (5 star) in many different ways. For instance a resort with a big pool and a lot of pool decorations but no wedding arch can still get a 5 star rating.

As a shortcut, in buy/build mode you can ctrl-shift click on all the items to select the setting you want. No need to go to live-mode first!

While I do not list it as a required item, you should also keep in mind that well decorated rooms keep Sims happy. If you are stuck getting that last 0.5 star try placing more decoration in your Rooms. Then it is just waiting a few Sim days to get the perfect reviews.

Sims also like when a resort is near the ocean/beach but this is something extra, not a requirement for a 5 star resort.

If your reviews ever complain about lines in front of fire pits or crowded hot tubs this means you should place a second one of that item.


There are several places on your resort that will need Sims to work on! You can decide to have your own Sim work there to save Simoleons or hire a worker but if you hire someone make sure they work all 3 shifts (day, evening, night).

Here are all the locations that need workers:

ItemHow to operate
Front deskClick on Front desk > Set Shifts for Front Desk
Food StandClick on Food Stand > Set Shifts for Food Stand
MaintenanceClick on Front desk > Resort Management > Manage Maintenance Crew Hire 3 High Quality Maintenance Workers
Pool BarClick on Pool Bar > Set Shifts for Pool Bar

If you have all the amenities and Sims working on all locations you will get a 5 star rating in no time.

Next Step: Building your own Resort

If you want to find out how to make your own resort, for instance in Dragon Valley, click here.

Do you want to build a resort with little effort, look at the Blueprints that came with Island Paradise!

Are you completely lost with resort management? Click here for frequently asked questions.


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  • Just to let you know. You do not need 8 buffet tables each dedicated to a different type of food as long as you cycle through the food daily. I had only 3 tables: one dedicated to kids, one that was either breakfast lunch or dinner depending on what I’d changed it to, and one that was dessert or dim sum or sushi or vegetables. I got a 5-star rating without ever changing that.
    PS – Thank you for the guide! It’s very helpful!

  • I have four pieces of gym equipment on my Resort, but for some reason, it doesn’t show that I have a Gym under my amenities listing. What gives?

    • the Gym equipment you only have to pay once, they do not require a maintenance fee therefore they are not in the financial overview 🙂

  • I have sufficient land for develop resort at gir forest which is loceted at Dist- Gir Somnath Gujarat India

    I have interest to make partner for above project.

    Please contact me