How to get better Lighting in Midnight Hollow? Lighting Mods!

While Midnight Hollow is a fantastic world to play in, it does get too dark and to fix the Gamma settings on your monitor for just one game is a bit much.

There is another alternative, lighting mods. We have found two makers that have made lighting mods that will work in Midnight Hollow.

Note: You should always be careful when adding mods to your game, whenever there is an update for the game these tend to break and prevent your game from loading. Please always read the instructions that come with any mods that you download.


ttlz@cinderellimouse let me know about this one, the person in this forum thread: had great success in Midnight Hollow  (thread has several pictures on how it looks and a download link)


tumblr_mjgibu2Xc31rwfgm4o5_r4_500These mods are used by our very own @Moza_Jf and worked for her in Midnight Hollow. There are many many options for you to choose from, you can only have 1 lighting mod at a time in your game though. Make sure to read the instructions!



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  • Thanks for sharing. I love the Darkness in Midnight Hollow but when I’m in edit mode I need to see what I’m doing.