How to make your own Blueprints in The Sims 3

Yesterday we found this wonderful mod by velocitygrass on Mod the Sims that allows us to make our own blueprints. While the instructions are pretty easy we thought it was good to show with screenshots how to make your own Blueprint!

1) Go to Mod the Sims, register an account and download the mod.


2) Extract the .package file to your mods folder and put the Blueprintmaker folder somewhere you can find it again. If you haven’t installed a .package file before, read our article on how to install Sims 3 downloads.

blueprint3) Load the game, you will get a popup that Mod Scripts are found.


4) Build your room/studio. Currently you can extract one room at a time, so if you have an en-suite bathroom you will have to extract that separately.

Screenshot-385) Make sure to have testingcheatsenabled true on, you do this by clicking ctrl-shift-c and typing in testingcheatsenabled true.


6) Make sure you are in live mode and ctrl-click on the ground of the room you want to turn into a blueprint. Then choose velocitygrass > Create Blueprint Template with or without the outer wallpaper.

2013-05-26_16-49-22 2013-05-26_16-49-327) Your game might be flashing for a bit, it creates an ‘error log’. Close your game (it needs to be closed to add packages in step 10). Open up Blueprintmaker.

2013-05-26_17-44-508) Press Browse next to Log and find the error log in documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\

9) Then fill in the rest, make a pretty screenshot.

2013-05-26_17-00-4210) Press save and to make your life simple save it to documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages\

2013-05-26_17-01-0511) Load your game and test your Blueprint!


Update) Make sure you  click on the floor tiles directly and not on a rug. There seems to be a bug when the room does not export when clicking on a rug.

Remember that this mod is in its infancy right now, so you might experience bugs or errors with it. We recommend you report bugs to the maker of the mod in the modthesims thread, with as much detail as possible.


Author: sww

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