I have a job!

Written by sww

There are many Real Life things that we wish would be like The Sims. The biggest thing for me without a doubt would be how easy it is to get a job in the game.
After a long time of job-hunting, I finally have a job! I have a three month contract checking Dutch translations, it is a short contract but it’s a start 🙂 .

It is in Madrid, Spain, so yeah, I have to move there from The Netherlands and I’m moving this Thursday (June 5th). Moving in Real Life is not as easy as in The Sims. It involves paperwork like you wouldn’t believe (I don’t actually speak Spanish, so that doesn’t help).

While my RL will be much busier, I won’t be going anywhere 😉 but instead of being around all day, it will just be evenings/weekends for me. Like regular people in the scary adult world.

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