IRC Chat SimCity Beta Code Giveaway

The giveaway for our final 15 SimCity Beta codes will be a bit different, instead of giving them away through Social Media we will be going old school to an IRC chat. It is just a chat room where we can talk with each other about SimCity.

Every 15min we will give away 3 or 4 codes, we will do this by muting the chat and this text will be shown: “The next person to receive a SimCity Beta Key is: …”

After an hour all our codes are gone and for the last few lucky people the beta can start!

When is this giveaway?
Starting on January 25th at 10pm GMT, 11pm CET and 5pm EST. This time will allow people from most time zones to have a chance! We know it is after the beta has started but we really wanted a time that works well for everyone.

How to enter:
It is simple, just click this link to the chat.

Fill in the username that you want and either chat or just keep the chat open in a tab. All you have to do is stay in the chat! Make sure to check every 15minutes if you have won a code or not!

How do you know you won?
You will see “The next person to receive a SimCity Beta Key is: *your username* and a tab like the image below displaying the sww username. You can talk in that tab and she will give you the code that you can redeem in origin.


Beta Terms:…city-beta-terms

Please do watch the language in this chatroom, even though the beta is for 18 and older. If you come there to misbehave (swearing, piracy, etc) you will be banned from the chat and lose your chance to win a code.

Author: sww

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