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It’s coming! Bakery in The Sims 3 and it sounds awesome!

I’m incredibly excited about this, it was my favourite set in Open for Business. Are you as excited as me or do you think these PC/venues are too expensive? let us know in the comments!

“I’m so glad we can start talking about the Deliciously Indulgent Bakery that’s coming in April! I must have added ten pounds just designing this venue. But now that SimGuruTaterTot has posted this exciting new image, let’s grab a cupcake and chat a bit about what all you’re seeing in this picture.


First of all, this is our first look at some of our exciting new Premium Content items, called the Baker’s Bazaar Collection! This includes the Delightful Dessert Display, the Rustic Bakery Rack, the Baker’s Sales Rugs (not pictured) and Sweet Nothing Simoleon Register.

These items allow you to display any food that your Sims can make and sell them similar to the Savvy Seller’s Collection but with a few notable exceptions. To begin with, the Savvy Seller’s Collection restocked items so that Midnight Hollow always had full shelves for your Sims to shop. But with the Bakery it’s your Sims job to create all of the delicious desserts to keep your customers happy. Note that this particular change means that bakeries that aren’t owned by your Sim tend to sell out after a day or so, but that should cut down on too many rival bakers.

Since you don’t want all of that food going bad, the displays are all refrigerated (or in stasis, or using preservatives or whatever helps you feel better about how your food isn’t rotting after a few hours.)

While this venue is a bakery, you can actually sell any food available in the Sims. So if you want to open a Sims Deli, you can make that dream come true!

Making all that food is going to be pretty time consuming, so if you want to hire someone to tend register, you can get that extra help. (FYI: You may notice that we eliminated the notices of Cashiers not being able to make it to work.)

We also have a couple of new rugs that work just like the displays. So you can slide the rugs under counters, tables, etc. and any food placed on top of that item will have all of the sales functionality. This way you can make your bakery your way.

And then there’s the FOOD! Did you see all of that cool new stuff in there? And read all of the Tweets where SimsGuruTaterTot is talking about new recipes that tie directly into the harvestables that shipped with Bohemian Garden? Yeah… we definitely need to grab another cupcake sometime and chat about all of the new food coming with this set. AND the rest of the Premium Content. ‘Cause you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  “

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