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Written by Bunbunnyny
Ice Apes Arcade

The Ice Apes arcade is a lot that came with the Life Dreams & Legacies update.
Located on Mystery Island, the lot and its contents require Geek Life Orbs to build. In all, the lot unlocks 3 brand-new hobbies:  Arcade Gamer, the Pinball Machines, and the Skill Tester!

Construction Requirements

– Ice Apes Arcade: 1 Bronze + 1 Silver Geek Life Orbs; Level 24+
– Skill Testers: 6 Silver + 3 Gold Geek Life Orbs
– Pinball Machines: 5 Golden + 1 Platinum Geek Life Orbs7BD858B1-5592-479B-BAF9-BB21AED9039E 87172CC0-9A1E-43D5-8802-BF80031288CD


Public Beach

The Public Beach is a lot the came with the Life Dreams & Legacies update.
A beautiful, secluded beach on the corner of Mystery Island, the lot brings with it 2 new hobbies – Snorkeling and Seashell Collecting! The lot requires Sporty Life Orbs to be unlocked.

Construction Requirements

– Public Beach: 2 Bronze + 2 Silver Sporty Life Orbs; Level 24+

[box type=”info”] I don’t know how much it costs to build the items inside the lot. If you know how much they cost, a comment with the costs would be appreciated![/box]

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