Lucy Bradshaw answered our questions on Twitter!

Here are all the questions that Lucy Bradshaw answered on Twitter tonight, regarding the server problems, upcoming compensation and features we want:

Lucy:Today is about being open, answering your ?’s and letting you know we get it, we know we screwed up, now let’s get you enjoying #SimCity.Today is about being open, answering your ?’s and letting you know we get it, we know we screwed up, now let’s get you enjoying #SimCity.

Slider6294: #asklucy How is this debacle something you didn’t forecast? Can you explain the business rationale or justification for how this happened?
Lucy: Metrics/beta was fairly conservative and live ops stressed our game server DB’s in ways that we did not experience in Beta or Load Test.

ZachGoodman2: When do you expect between city transactions in multi-player will function correctly, such as sharing city hall upgrades? #asklucy
Lucy: This is frustrating as it is core to the connected experience. This weekend we hope to crush this issue with more servers and optimizations.

JordanCharters: If I purchase PC version now, will Mac version be included when it’s released?
Lucy: We’re focused on the PC version right now, but we’ll have more info on Mac in early April, so stay tuned.

Skankingtool: How could you not anticipate server load on launch when you all your ads said “50 most anticipated games lists of 2013″#asklucy
Lucy: Load experience in beta and load test is different than live. We’ve adapted and put out servers with changes, already seeing improvements.

Oniichanaino: When SimCity servers are taken down in a few years, will an offline mode patch be distributed? Perhaps before then? #asklucy
Lucy: We have no intention of offlining SimCity any time soon but we’ll look into that as part of our earning back your trust efforts.

benmadsen: At some point will there be the ability to migrate games and regions between servers?
Lucy: We’re definitely looking into this as we know it would improve your experience.

Simify: Hi Lucy! 😀 I was just curious as to when players will have Cheetah Speed again? Thank you! #asklucy
Lucy: We’re really working on responsive of our servers. and once we have that nailed, and stable, cheetah is coming back!

dchappell16: @buzzspinner @simcity When is eu west 4 going to be back up? That’s a start lol
Lucy: EU West 4 is actually up right now. Just tried it myself.

Jeremey86: Hey lucy! Will you be offering larger city maps in the future?? #asklucy
Lucy: Once we get stable, this is another one we’re absolutely looking at. Our intention is to continue to support SimCity and surprise you.

booshtv: @simcity Any news / updates about real content patches? Many issues with Tourism #asklucy
Lucy: We put up a patch this morning that included some traffic fixes and other improvements. And we’ll be making more. We’ll check on Tourism.

patricklazy: @simcity answer questions that are about refunds and offline mode #asklucy
Lucy: Origin doesn’t offer refunds on digital download games. ( I hope we keep your business by making service great.
Lucy: As I announced last night we’re giving away a free game and are considering other ways to make it up to you.

MartinSkyGrid: #asklucy can you be specific about which game is that that you are giving away? Can we choose?
Lucy: You’ll be getting more information on the March 18th. And you will have choices.

SoSimpull: @simcity #asklucy @buzzspinner Does John Riccitiello CEO of EA actually play video games or have a past of playing??
Lucy: Yes he is a big gamer and he is playing @simcity right now and giving us feedback

Azbiker72: @simcity #asklucy So when are you going to give a real answer regarding offline modes?
Lucy: The game was designed for MP, we sim the entire region on the server so this is just not possible

MilesJ92: @simcity #asklucy would it not have been smarter to have been over prepared, and have too many servers, rather than what y’all did?
Lucy: Youre right. The combination of many players and server adjustments put us behind. New servers yesterday and more today

Benji_Peck_: @PaulSimoSimpson @simcity then EA will ban your origin account so dont do that #asklucy
Lucy: @Benji_Peck_ @PaulSimoSimpson This is absolutely not the case. EA not banning anyone, we’d rather make it up to you

AAPL_Geek: #asklucy Anything you would like to say to die hard fans of the franchise who will not buy this game due to a tarnished image?
Lucy: I sure hope that after we right this ship, you will give the game a try. It is really good, worthy of the brand!

derekdonovan: @simcity #asklucy I don’t blame your team, you made a really good game, it was just EA’s bad business practices that ruined the game.
Lucy: @derekdonovan Hey, this is on Maxis. EA does not force design upon us. We own it, we are working 24/7 to fix it, and we are making progress

17packerstan: @simcity #asklucy the game is wonderful, its just that its hard to get into it sometimes.
Lucy: @17packersfan Thanks and yep. We added 120% capacity yesterday, more today. Better game experience a priority. Hope you have better time

Bioman312: @simcity #asklucy Hey, no question here, just wanted to say that, if you guys can take control of your servers, you will have a sale from me
Lucy: @Bioman312 Thanks for your support – we’re on it.

Jdude666: @simcity #asklucy So five minutes left and you answered what 5-6 questions? Will regional play be fixed soon?
Lucy: @Jdude666 yes, we optimized and region trading improved, still making enhancements and will keep it up

Videogameget: @simcity #asklucy Will the removed features like achievements, return?
Lucy: yes, features like achieves etc, will come back as we get to stability, soon.

CurtisParadis: @simcity #AskLucy also it would be great if the game could keep track of what servers I do have cities on, and present that info to users
Lucy: We are working on that right this minute. Hope to have a patch for it today, tonight latest



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