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New SimCity blog: Specializing SimCity

Love the specialization in SimCity! Glad we got a blog that talks more about it.


You can also start up a “Big Business” (or two, or more) in your city. Big businesses are new to SimCity and offer a unique way to play. In essence, they let you take on the role of a business mogul in addition to your typical role as the Mayor. There are five big businesses in the game: Metals, Petroleum, Electronics, Trade, and Gambling. Each big business has a corresponding leaderboard which makes it easy to see how you compare to other players operating that same business. Your rank is determined by the total amount of profit you have made during the last 12 game months. This encourages smart play since you need to optimize your profits each month over the year; simply grinding away for long periods of time isn’t an effective strategy to get to the top.

Full blog: http://www.simcity.c…alizing-SimCity

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