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SimCity Image Filters
Love the filters! its such a cute thought, we at PlatinumSimmers especially love the Platinum filter of course ;)


Neutral is basically the same as off, just with a little bit more contrast. Faded washes out the colors, and adds a little silvering to everything Green Tones is modeled on 1970’s era movies. Platinum is kind of a silly one, but I liked it. It’s evocative of Hollywood glamour photography from the golden age of cinema. Teal + Orange is your typical Hollywood blockbuster palette. It brings out the contrast in the game. Orange + Gray washes out all the colors except orange.


Full article: http://www.simcity.c…y-image-filters

How I Mayor: Trade City
A blog about 5 days of building an industrial/trade city


My industrial city is up and running. Its budget is suffering because I had to import ore to keep my Smelting Factories running (I sadly don’t have any to mine in my own city), but otherwise the city is humming along nicely with some help from its neighbors. In turn, it’s providing jobs, freight, as well as water, sewage, and garbage services to its neighbors. All those neighbors have also worked together to build one of our Great Works! Pretty impressive.

Full article: http://www.simcity.c…ayor-trade-city

The City Services of SimCity
You can share services with your region!


The best part about our city services this time around is that everything is a real simulation. In past games, these systems would be statistical models that would add to a radius in which all nearby buildings would get an area-of-effect. In this SimCity, the simulation is that a house really catches on fire and the fire trucks really respond to it. There is no invisible simulation here; it's all raw and right in front of you.

All these options can be shared with other cities in a region. For instance, if my neighboring city builds a Hospital with a Surgical Center, we can share those benefits together. In this case it would allow our injured Sims to heal much faster, making it easier to manage health in both of our cities. If I wanted, I could tell my neighboring city to add a Diagnostic Lab, which would help detect diseases and reduce sickness recovery time.

Full article: http://www.simcity.c…ices-of-SimCity

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