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New The Sims 3 Store World: Midnight Hollow

In a faraway land, amidst a forest of trees lies the town of Midnight Hollow. Rich in creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, players will now be able to open their own shops and run businesses as they meet and mingle with the townies. Full of eclectic and eccentric Sims, fans from across the Simsverse will recognize the Specter family from The Sims 2 as popular residents of this charming town. Experience the intriguing world of Midnight Hollow and all it has to offer when it ships later this month.


This world will be release on September 26th in The Sims 3 Store.

Standard Version (2450 SimPoints) Includes:

Savvy Seller’s Collection (Premium Content)
18 Hair
12 Clothes
1 Shoe
6 Rabbit Holes
and 76 more Objects (including many plants)
See this page for a preview of all the items.

Gold Version (4350 SimPoints) Includes:

Will be announced during September 17th Live Broadcast.


We are super excited for this world, even though the gloomy/horror mood is not for every one, that we can have our own stores finally is going to be awesome!

More Screenshots:

World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow001 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow002 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow003 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow004 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow005 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow006 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow007 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow008 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow009 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow011 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow012 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow013 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow014 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow015 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow016 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow017 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow018 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow019 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow020 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow021 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow022 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow023 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow024 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow025 World_ScreenshotWeb_MidnightHollow026

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