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Oasis Springs and more!

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Gamesradar has gotten a hold of a Sims 4 demo and share 8 things they learned while demoing the game! The talk about the second world, traits, exploring the world and abduction by aliens?!

Gamesradar has gotten a hold of a Sims 4 demo and share 8 things they learned while demoing the game! The talk about the second world, traits, exploring the world and abduction by aliens?!

Second World

While @SimGuruMarion revealed that we would also get a desert town in The Sims 4, Gamesradar tells us a bit more about that. We now have a name for the new town, and it will be called: Oasis Springs!
It is located in the middle of an desert and has the look of suburban Las Vegas. It will be a nice counter part of Willow Creek, where everything seems so green.
The screens that where shared through Gamesradar are stunning as well. Did you see that beautiful waterfall in the background? Or how about the lake it falls in. The bridge that runs across it? It seems it will be full of details like that.
GamesRadar 1

Traits and emotions

We have had quite a bit info on emotions already. But Gamesradar also tells a bit more about how it works. Emotions have more effect on a Sim than ever before. It’s not like a moodlet that passes just when the time is up. Sometimes a Sim needs to ‘get over it’.

Say you don’t quite make it to the bathroom, and end up leaving an unfortunate puddle in the hallway. I’m guessing you’d be embarrassed. So will your Sim, and that’s gonna affect their mood until they take a brisk shower to get energized, or go fishing to feel relaxed. Then, when they catch a fish and mount it on the wall, they can think about how happy it made them, on and on into infinity.

Situations like that make the Sims more real. Same with traits. They effect your Sims behavior so much more than ever. Gamesradar gives a few examples of that.

Is your Sim a bookworm? They can talk to others about their favorite authors. An athletic Sim? They’ll find plenty of fun interactions at the gym. Misanthropic Sims that love video games? Insulting other Sims’ gaming cred might end up being their pastime.

Seems traits also has more influence. I wonder, how will that work with an ambitious and noncommital Sim. Wants to get higher on the ladder, but at the same time, can’t stand to stay at the same place for long, so starting at the bottom over and over again? It will make interesting Sims for sure!

Explore the world

Sims have every reason to go out and explore the world, Gamesradar says. Each district has something unique to offer. Where in one district you can go to the library or to a lounge, in another they can go to the park and collect onion or carrot seeds to take back home. But you also have the option to build your own, so combine that library and lounge if you want.
GamesRadar 2


We already knew that buildmode would be a lot easier. But according to Gamesradar we won’t have to deal with Sims being in the way when you want to build. Sim is using the fridge? Just pull the item from the Sim and build around them. And you can add or adjust practically anything, from the width of the eaves to adding complete rooms.

It’s a challenge

Getting ahead in The Sims 4 is a challenge according to Gamesradar. With a set amount of money that your Sims start with, lots also vary in price, so you may be limited to 1 or 2 neighborhoods to start in. Not paying bills also have consequences. Power and/or water could get shut off. Better pay those bills! Though if this all sounds to challenging for you, there are always cheats!

Grim reaper

The death by emotions aren’t as easy to make happen as the demos made appear. But would it happen and you don’t like it? Why don’t you let a confident family member slap the tablet out of the Grim reapers hand and demand the Sim be resurrected! I’m especially happy that this feature is back. I loved convincing Grim to bring back the dead.Grim reaper

Want to read the full article? go to: Gamesradar
We can not wait to get our hands on the game to test these features our selves.

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