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Other Games We Love 24-04-2014

Written by sww
Might be hard to believe that with the amount of hours we play The Sims, we also enjoy other games! Thought it was about time to share some other games while we wait for The Sims 4!

The entire team behind Platinum Simmers (and partners) have a very varied taste in games, from web browser to strategy games to shooting games.

Every week we’re going to give you a selection of games we recommend you to try if you like the sound of it. The selection will contain different options because our taste is varied and I bet yours is too! Are there any non-The Sims games you love? Scroll down to the end and let us know in the comments!

Trade Mania 2 – iWin – $9.99 – has 1 hour free trial

Are you also a huge lover of board games? Then pay attention to this game! Trade Mania 2 is a trading, real estate and board-game in one.

You buy plots on the board and every time the opponent lands on it, you get income. To increase that income you can buy hotels. But you also have the option to build factories (gives a fixed income every turn) or Supermarket (trading on this land tile gives more income, more on this later). However to be able to build a building, you will have to land on that exact same piece of land again. This game might sounds like Monopoly, there are no streets and there is goods trading.

Trading is simple: buy low, sell high. The tricky part is though that not every plot of land sells or buys the same goods. For instance you can buy boots cheap on maybe two plots, but then only be able to sell them high on only 3 other plots. The chance of landing on those plots is very low. Corn can be bought/sold almost on every plot, but it gives much less profit per good. So what do you do, more profit and less chance to sell or more chance to sell but less profit? This is a board game that requires stratregy!
Eventually you need to own a certain percentage of all the real-estate, this includes both the amount of land you own and how many buildings are on it. You can also buy out your opponents; this costs a lot of money of course but instantly gives you all their land and buildings.
Board-games+real strategy = very fun!

The Settlers Online – Free 2 play Webbrowser game

I’ve been playing The Settlers Online for over 2 years now. That is an impressively long time for a free to play game. While it is not a continuously action filled game, it is good to fill around other things in your hectic life. On a busy day, you can play for 5min and on a quiet day you can be occupied for hours.

I would describe The Settlers Online a resource management game. At first you collect resources by building production buildings, later on you can also trade for them or do adventures. From resource pinewood and bronze you can make swords. Swords can then be used by recruits to combat the enemy to get more space on your home island for your buildings.

Not every building is unlocked to you from the start, you need to level up to get access to everything. To level up you have to gather xp and that is done by defeating the enemy camps on the home island at first and later on in adventures. Adventures are basically a second island where the main goal is to defeat enemies, you need to bring enough of your Military Units to do this of course!

The game gives you quests to fulfill but you can choose to not do those, you can give yourself your own challenges. For instance do you want to trade a lot with other players, do you want to reach level 50 as soon as possible or do you want to decorate your island and amke the best looking island. All possible to do!

The Settlers Online - Beta Terres d'Ambre [Realm 1] - Google Chrome_2_0

What keeps me with this game. There is a great community, the chat is fun and well moderated. The forum is filled with guides to help with adventures or to plan out production buildings. New content gets added to the game a few times year. While it is free to play you can buy in-game currency (gems), though it is very easy to get satisfaction from the game without buying any gems.

Register for free here by clicking on the image below, pick the newfoundland server and find me (Swww) on there:

[box type=”warning”] Disclaimer: The Origin, Amazon and iWin linkes in this post are affiliate links, if you click on them and buy the game, it helps fund the site. However the information & reviews are 100% true and our opinions. Every game has been played for several hours to get a real feel for it. We would not recommend any games to you that we didn’t enjoy ourselves. [/box] [box type=”info”] If you love this article, really hate it or anything in between. Let us know by posting a comment below! We would love your feedback. Any games you think we should try and feature in this article? Also let us know in the comments! [/box]
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