Patch Update 8/22/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Written by moza

It’s that time of month, the SimGurus have appeared with their regular fill of tweaks, bug fixes and honest explanations.

Full details can be found here.  But, amongst other things, Sad sims now look sad instead of worried when expressing their sadness, you will now get a notification  if you’re at risk of having your baby taken away through neglect, and singing karaoke for an hour will now fulfil the event goal.  Are those three things connected?

There’s been tweaks to butlers and nannies, to make them work more efficiently, and take fired ones off the re-hire list.

Oh and male sims will now always wear shoes when going to work in the political career.

There’s loads more, so hop on over to the forum, as the gurus say it so much better than I can!

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  • Buenas me yamo phaul y quiero actualizar mi sim 4 tengo la versión 1.33 y soy de Cuba como me pueden ayudar o mandar el link para ir descarga las actualizaciones poco a poco gracias si me pudieran ayudar