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Platinum Simmers at Gamescom 2016!

Written by Annabelli_22

It’s that time of year again, Gamescom is approaching. This is the biggest European Games show/convention of the year and we will be attending!

SimGuruDrake has already stated on the The Sims forums that there will be no announcement for The Sims 4, there will however be a panel and Q&A with SimGuruLyndsay and SimguruRachel on Thursday August 18th.

2016-08-05 09_45_54-Gamescom 2016 - Page 4 — The Sims Forums

The good and fun news, this time the panel isn’t just for press, fansites and youtubers/creators but for everyone! There are a limited amount of places though, but if you are at Gamescom August 18th, and want to join, be sure to contact SimGuruDrake on the forums or on Twitter.
We will be there as well, and for those that can’t but still have a few questions that they want to ask, let us know and they’ll go on our list!

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