The Sims 4

Babies with legs and the timeline! Questions answered on Twitter!

During the EA’s press conference on June 9th these SimGurus were answering questions on Twitter:
@SimGuruRuskii, @SimGuruSarah, @SimGuruHouts, @SimGuruJohn, @SimGuruRiley, @SimGuruSteph, @simguruamy, @SimGuruLyndsay and @SimGuruShannon
They even tweeted a picture sitting together tweeting
Simguru Twitter team!

We have made a summary of all kinds of questions and answers, and you can all read them back here.



Most of SimGuruRuskii’s tweets were in Spanish, so I tried to translate them. But I hope I didn’t make any mistakes.

Q- Hi Ruskii! Can Sim lay in the arms of each other and lean on each other, like in the renders?
A- Hi! No Sims will not do that

Q- Will it be available for Mac in the future?
A- We are focused on PC at this time, no info for Mac at this time

Q- Will there be multiplayer in the Sims 3 (I think they meant Sims 4 ofcourse)
A- The game is singleplayer and you can share your creations through the Gallery





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