The Sims 3

Recap of the Live Broadcast May 23rd!

Written by sww

The Sims 4

  • @SimGuruRachel  sees the Sims as an inspirational game and she admires all the fan’s creativity
  • Currently there are 100+ people working on The Sims 4 development and surprise! @SimGuruRyan will also be a producer on The Sims 4!
  • @SimGuruRyan started on The Sims 2 Castaway and then moved onto The Sims 3 Basegame and enjoyed launching a new game we fans were so excited for. Now he gets to do it again with The Sims 4!

The Next broadcast will be June 18th!


Dragon Valley

  • Queen Khaleesi will be Smitty’s new nickname.
  • O’Connell family is one of the human families, most of the other families will be elven, keeping in line with the fantasyness of the world. (Elven appearance, still regular Sims)


  • The Green dragon can make treasure appear and even better, they can instantly harvest the harvestable plants on your lost.
  • This is so awesome it requires a second mention: Green Dragons instantly harvest your plants.
  • Purple Dragons are dragons of friendship, they will summon Sims and make you instantly friends with them. They can also give life of the party buff so you always have good parties!
  • Red Dragon is mischievous and sets other Sims on fire, they can miss but does not happen very often. I think all Dragons give Mark of the dragon which increases your needs.
  • Talking to dragons increases skills
  • The black dragon is a special unlock with the new venue, we have a blog about the black dragon here:
  • Hint: it keeps the reaper away!


  • New Ivy can be built up a house
  • New bathroom set, includes a chamber pot (which magically flushes)
  • 3 story columns
  • 2 outdoor lights
  • Armour statue (medieval armour totally has dragon wings.)
  • Dining set with highback chairs
  • New door
  • New arch
  • Ornate gables, at least 2 styles
  • Roof ridges
  • New fence and gate
  • New wall papers
  • New trees
  • Heather ground cover plant
  • Ruin set (ploppable)
  • New grave stones
  • Celtic set with the gold version, including a new well is a little outdoorsy but fits in well
  • Like always there is 1 special rabit hole and this time it is the theatre, it looks like The Globe!
  • It also has the archery range and a violin! These were the winners of a poll did a while back.
  • Archery is part of the athletic skill and Violin is a new skill entirely.
  • There is a new community grill, tent sculptures that Sims can walk underneath
  • rennasiance faire type venue you can buy with the simpoints that come with the gold edition.


  • Dragons can go into other worlds, they can go anywhere
  • Violin has 2 sets of songs, traditional and then you can unlock more medieval.
  • rennasiance faire are objects in build/buy, can be used anywhere
  • You have to purchase a dragon (egg?) to get it, there is a really cute hatching animation.
  • The world is set in modern times but looks medieval because it is very hard to reach so the modern world has not touched it much.
  • You can have 1 dragon in your inventory at a time but can interact with another dragon on your arm. But you can also have just loads of dragons in your house.
  • Dragons do not die nor do they age up.

Here is the entire broadcast:

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