Round the World Challenge!

Written by moza

The recent announcement of Roaring Heights brings the number of official worlds to 18, not including vacation worlds, University and the future world – or any fan created ones.

Much as I love collecting the new worlds, I realised that I always seem to end up back in Sunset Valley rather than making the most of them.  So, I decided to challenge myself – and anyone else who wants to join in – to play my way through all the worlds.

My family will start off in Appaloosa Plains, and move through the different worlds as each new generation ages to young adult.  This gives me two challenges – play each world for at least a generation, and get past the third or fourth generation of the family.

How to join in?  It is not so much about the code, it is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules. Mostly, it should fit round your normal play style.

Start your family any way you choose and move them into any lot you can afford, in whichever world you want to start in – play legacy style, if you want the extra challenge, or move them into a regular lot.  Then, play your game!  Get them jobs, start a family, build their lives.  The only thing you have to do is make them have at least one child.

Once the next generation reaches young adulthood, use the in-game feature to move them to the next world.  The only exception to this is if you want to marry them off to a childhood sweetheart – then you get one Sim week to convince their beloved to move in and move on to the next world, or they get left behind.  So long as you take the heir, it’s up to you how many of the family you take.

Move them into the next hood, and start again!

My family are starting in Appaloosa Plains and currently consists of Callie and Dean Blackman.  Dean was imported from The Sims Medieval, and Callie?  Well, I was lucky enough at a community day to have a sim created for me by one of the game creators, so Callie’s my alter ego!  They currently live at 1810 Ednamary Way.


You can have as many or as few hoods installed as you want, the idea is just to play in all of them in turn.  My current hood list is as follows:

[custom_list type=”dot”]
  • Appaloosa Plains (Pets)
  • Aurora Skies (Store)
  • Barnacle Bay (Store)
  • Bridgeport (Late Night)
  • Dragon Valley (Store)
  • Hidden Springs (Store)
  • Isla Paradiso (Island Paradise)
  • Lucky Palms (Store)
  • Midnight Hollow (Store)
  • Monte Vista (Store)
  • Moonlight Falls (Supernatural)
  • Riverview (Store)
  • Starlight Shores (Showtime)
  • Storybook County (MySims Realty)
  • Sunlit Tides (Store)
  • Sunset Valley (Base Game)
  • Twinbrook (Ambitions)[/custom_list]

I do own Lunar Lakes, but it’s currently uninstalled due to the problems with the Tree of Prosperity.  And I plan to get Roaring Heights.

So, who wants to join me going Round the Sim World?

@swwsims: I am joining in! However I am adding a twist that I want my Sims to also finish their LTW in each world.

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  • I’m joining as well. I’m starting with an existing family, though, as they’re dear to me. In order to keep things fair, though, I’m going to take their money when I do the first move (There unfortunately was some sort of scandal that both took their money and made them want to get as far away from Sunset Valley as possible, or at least that’s what I’m going to use as backstory.)

  • hi, I love this idea of ??the challenge! I have a family that began in Bridegport, but is now in Appaloosa Plains. I will follow the challenge from there, but still do not know the next world the store I will use for the next generation.
    Loved it!

  • Sounds like fun! Only thing I hate about moving to another world is that you loose the family tree 🙁 but I am going to try this withbthe worlds I have (which are not many haha)