Seasons announced – includes aliens!

It's the news every Simmer has been waiting for – EA have just announced that the Seasons expansion pack is on its way, due in November! It will be released not so long after Supernatural, in November – just in time for our Sims to have a white Christmas (or rather, Sim-mas – there will be no "real" holidays in the EP but there will be seasonal festivals). Following Graham Nardone's recent hints, for those who prefer a green Christmas, the pack also brings back aliens, and we believe it will also mean the return of alien pregnancy (though that is unconfirmed).


Yes, after years of fans nagging and SimGurus teasing, we will be able to enjoy all the seasons with our Sims (or at least, inflict all kinds of weather on them). Our Sims will be able to soak up the summer sun and get a tan on the beach, go swimming in the ocean, or lounge on an air mat in the swimming pool. Tan safely though, Sims, because getting sunburnt is also possible.


During autumn it's the start of the football season (that's soccer to our American friends), you might start to get a bit of rain, which can gradually turn to sleet and then to snow, in a way that we never quite saw in The Sims 2: Seasons, and which is quite beautiful!


In the winter snow, you can have snowball fights (which we think might be a hidden skill as your Sims will get better at snowball fights) and among other winter sports your Sims will be able to go snowboarding. But do be careful not to spend too long out in the cold, and make sure you wrap up warm in your outerwear, or you'll be sure to get a "frozen solid" moodlet.

FrvQ7 (1).jpg
Sunset Valley looks beautiful covered in snow!!

When winter turns to spring and the snow thaws, you can expect a few April showers – make sure you have your umbrella ready! And don't forget to go and visit the kissing booth at the spring festival!

If you get sick of all the weather, unlike in The Sims 2: Seasons, you will be able to turn the seasons off entirely in the settings (instead of just setting it to perma-summer).

If you love to get the extra special stuff there's another treat in store for you with the Seasons preorder content, which comes with an awesome looking "Ice Lounge".

And here's the preview trailer!

Author: BlackGarden

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