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If you use Twitter and follow any Sims-related accounts, then your Twitter probably went absolutely manic yesterday! Loads of news, and sww tells us that in fact this is a huge pack and all this info barely scratches the surface! Here's a round-up of all the news and pictures related to the new Supernatural expansion pack that came out of it…

  • A new (we think non-gardening) plant is the magic jellybean – a new death is "death by jellybean"
  • You can have a toad-Sim – a Sim with a toad's head, which is a result of a potion gone wrong!
  • A new "brooding" trait might have your Sims contemplating the meaning of meaning.
  • Gardening Sims will love the new planters that you can put your plants in – like growing tomatoes? Why not put them in a planter and grow them indoors?
  • A new "gatherer" trait will make your Sims want to collect gems!
  • A new skintone has an awesome "rainbow slider" that lets you pick any colour at all to make your Sims. Perfect for fairies, witches, zombies, and more!
  • Fairies can play pranks and grant wishes.
  • The fastest way to make a zombie is with the new "Zombification" elixir
  • You can set the game to always have a full moon, so you can see what effect that has on your Sims
  • Zombies will attack your plants as well as your Sims
  • The tragic clown makes a return of sorts – a potion from alchemy will turn your Sim into a clown for 24 hours, giving you a -40 moodlet, and other Sims on your lot also get a negative moodlet from the mere presence of the tragic clown.
  • This phone booth lets you teleport around town:…7496064/photo/1
  • A new set of supernatural themed teddy bears is in the game – see our screenshots on Facebook below
  • The new gnome is a ghost gnome, which can take the form of some of the various different coloured ghosts already in the game
  • Bonehilda comes in a box and will clean your house and protect it from burglars.
  • Any sim can use the wand to try to cast a spell, but you get a popup that it wont work unless you are a witch
  • Fairies get energised by moonlight
  • A gem cutter can make gem dust for alchemy
  • Werewolves act very strangely… for example, they might like having their belly rubbed!
  • Fairies have little houses, and can ride the train set. In this tiny form, they will appear like a little sparkle in the colour of their wings.


There is a huge variety of potions in Supernatural, and loads of them will help with everyday life, like the jar of friendship. Here is what we think is a pretty much complete list of the potions:

  • Vial of bliss
  • Invigorating Elixir
  • Flask of Sleep
  • Jar of Friendship
  • Ad Nauseum
  • Cure Elixir
  • Vampire Sunscreen (yes, it works!)
  • Vial of Enlightenment
  • Zombification
  • Melancholy Serum
  • Vial of Potent Bliss
  • Skill Booster
  • Large and Charge
  • Essence of Magic
  • Lean and mean
  • Personality Adjuster
  • Procreation Elixir
  • Flask of Potent Sleep
  • Potent Melancholy Serum
  • Jar of Potent Discord
  • Liquid Job Booster
  • Opposite Personality
  • Bottled Vampire Dust
  • Potent Cure Elixir
  • Vial of Potent Enlightenment
  • Bottled Curse of the Lycan
  • Potent Personality Adjuster
  • Clone Drone
  • Age of Instant
  • Fountain of Youth Elixir
  • Potent Skill Booster
  • Potent Zombification
  • Bottled Witches' Brew
  • Wish Enhancing Serum
  • Midas Touch
  • Bottled Blessing of the Fae
  • Origin of the Tragic Clown

Pictures and screenshots:

Fairy bee keeper

A new venue in the new town

Werewolves in Create-A-Sim

Photos from EA: http://www.facebook….98715078&type=1

Our screenshots album on Facebook: http://www.facebook….178469712219699

HUGE album from Jacqpinks: http://www.facebook….=3&l=90e4d0cc57

Pictures from Curtis Paradis:…adis/media/grid

(Did you attend the day and we didn't link your photos in here? Let us know in the comments and we'll add your link.)

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