Showcase Sunday – Community Tricks: Split Level

With the update that brought Terrain tools to The Sims 4, there was a new feature introduced as well.
For each detached room you can set it’s own foundation height, but the catch was, the rooms can’t be attached.

But The Sims Communnuty wouldn’t be The Sims Community if they weren’t resourcefull and creative, Kate Emerald found a work around!

We have tried her tutorial and although a bit tricky at times, it really works!
You can find the tutorial through this Youtube link to follow along yourself.

If you want to take a look at the house build to test this tutorial, here’s the gallery link

Important things to keep in mind when you want to use this tutorial:

  • Build the ground floor part first, including the roofing
  • Walls can’t be deleted after you’ve attached the higher part of the house to it, this will delete the roof above it.
  • bb.moveobjects can be useful to fill in any holes that might appear when the joining roofs or walls don’t match up well.

Kate Emerald also has a tutorial for split level stairs!

Have fun! And be sure to show us your creations if you try it out yourself!

Author: Lebanna

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