The Sims 3

SimGuruCopeland discusses why we cant sell everything with the new PC

I love it when SimGurus directly answer our questions! Here is @SimGurucopeland on the forum:


If you’re looking to sell harvestables, I would recommend checking out the Humble Harvest Stands. Cooked food? The Business as Usual Bistro.

Normally the Store items are compatible with the base game. However, with the Savvy Seller’s Collection we asked the team to make every item in BUY mode useable, from every EP, Stuff Pack and the Store, which is a pretty massive task. Adding crafting or food would devalue things like the Alchemy Shop along with making a daunting task even more formidable.

With that said, you can now trick out your already existing Alchemy Store with the ability to sell Cauldrons, Voodoo Dolls, Wands and whatnot. You can be a Dragon Egg salesman or run a toilet shop (trust me, this can lead to some of the funniest gameplay EVER!)

But one of the best parts is just exploring the world and taking your Sim shopping for all of the cool stores already made for you!

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