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Sims 3 Pets Preview

Read this for details of dog and horse breeds, traits, LTWs, and more on The Sims 3 Pets!

On Tuesday 13th of September me and a few fellow Dutch Sim fans attended a Sims 3 Pets event, attended by producer George Pigula and international marketing manager Nicola Jenkins.

They showed us a Sims 3 Pets on console and PC presentation. Basically it was the same presentation we had seen at Gamescom. However two playthroughs in Sims 3 are never the same. If you want a general preview of Sims 3 Pets I suggest you go to: The Sims 3 Pets Preview (GamesCom)This preview will focus much more on minute details at the end of the article are long lists of pet traits, pet lifetime rewards, horse and dog breeds and the new Sim lifetime wishes.

We were told more information about the limited edition of Sims 3 Pets. Besides the Pet store selling accessories for your pet you can also buy different small animals in there, ones not present in the regular version of the EP.

Look at the differences in height! Chihuahua dog, Friesian horse and a random kitty in the background playing.

Having a ball! The Ball also goes up in the air but hard to see in a picture

As we already knew the new world is called Appaloosa Plains. With all the new rabbit holes there are also 3 new venues. One of them is the equestrian center (rabbit hole) where you can train your horse and enter in competitions to win some prize money. There is also the cat jungle (community lot) where your cat can have a nice time climbing on the new objects and a dog training area (another community lot) that has a swimming pool shaped in a dog bone. Your dog can have a nice swim in the pool; he can’t swim in ponds/sea though. Also when your Sim walks the dog, they use a leash and dogs can have fun chasing a ball.

As was previously known, the cats and dogs can go hunting. We saw this in the preview with the cat. A Sim asked the cat to go hunt for a bird, the hunting actions were very realistic, crouched down and crawling very slowly to their target. However this cat’s hunting skill was low so she captured a snake instead of a bird. This snake went into the cat’s inventory; the cat then had an option to present the snake to the Sim. But the snake is alive, cat owners will know that in real life, the little creatures their cats bring home are unlikely to be unharmed. Adult cats go hunting on their own, kittens can only be told to hunt.

Dreaming about yummy food

One thing I found out that I wish was better in this expansion pack is how a pet sleeps on a bed. See the picture to the right.

In real life, a cat doesn’t stick to one side of the bed, they sleep against you because of your warmth and attention.

We were shown a nice new fact about unicorns, when they graze or drink water a rainbow appears above them.


Litters can consist up to 4 puppies/kittens and 1 foal at a time.

The new woohoo location is the Haystack.

There are no dog or cat flaps. Doors open for them like they would an ordinary Sim.

Can turn on/off free will for Pets.

Pet pregnancies are 3 days long. Updated information about pet pregnancy is in our latest interview.

Puppies, kittens and baby horses have no wishes.

Horses have both English and Western saddles.

English Saddle on a Friesian horse

Western Saddle on a Friesian horse

While cats and dogs can have collars, I strangely enough did not see a collar with a plumbob on it. Maybe it is in the limited edition?

No plumbob collar? This is the chihuahua small dog breed

There are 3 different speeds while riding a horse, walk, trot and gallop.

Cats can fish.

Having fun in the tub but not getting wet!

Cats can play in the bathtub

One of the jumps for the horse has a pool of water and little duckies on the water.

Can change the lifespan of all the pets. Standard lifespan for a horse is: 5 days for a baby horse, 35 for adult horse and 17 days for an elder horse. For the dog it is 7 days as a puppy, 25 as adult dog and 14 for elder dog. Kitten lifespan is 7 days, 28 for adult cats and 17 days for elder. Of course you can extend the lifespan to long or epic if you want.

Toddlers can crawl into petbeds, sadly I do not know if they will actually sleep in the petbed.

The following information was gathered in the Dutch version of the game and then translated to English. Mistakes are bound to happen with translating and we do not have access to an English version of the game at present time to Fact Check. As soon as mistakes are discovered this article will be updated.

Pet Traits

Adventurous (cat and dog)
Afraid of water (dog only)
Agile (horse only)
Anxious (cat and dog)
Brave (horse only)
Destructive (cat and dog)
Dislikes jump (horse only)
Fast (horse only)
Hunter (cat and dog)
Hyper (cat only)
Hypersensitive (horse only)
Independent (cat only)
Likes water (dog only)
Loyal (dog only)
Nervous (horse only)
Not destructive (cat and dog)
Obedient (horse only)
Proud (cat and dog)
Untrained (horse only)

Pet Lifetime Rewards for dogs and cats

I forgot to write down how many points each reward costs, but this order is from lowest points to highest.
Vomit machine
Good behavior
Never sick
Steel blow for pets
Fertility Treatment for pets
Beloved animal
Animal Alpha
Adjustment of behavior
Super Slim pet
Pets hygienator
Super Tight animal bath
Bottomless crib
Clone Voucher
Rejuvenation for pets

The list for Horse Lifetime rewards are here: Snooty Sims

New lifetime wishes for the Sim

Canine Companion: befriend 15 dogs.
Fan of Cats: have 15 feline friends.
Creating Arch: have 2 cats, dogs, horses, birds, reptiles, turtles, rodents, snakes, butterflies and beetles.
The animal rescuer: adopt 6 strays.
Jockey: Lvl 10 riding skill and have made 40k simoleons using horses.
The zoologist: Have 20small animals.
Fairy Tales: Adopt a Unicorn


These are not all the breeds in the EP, there are more. These are the only ones that had Dutch text information in Create a Pet. There were no breed names for cats available yet.

Horse Breeds

1. Akhal-Teke
2. American quarter
3. Appaloosa
4. Arabian horse
5. Clydesdale
6. Friesian
7. Irish Draught
8. Lipizzaner
9. Lusitano
10. Morgan
11. Mustang
12. Palomino
13. Piebald Horse
14. Pinto
15. Thoroughbred
16. Tinker
17. Trakehner

Small Dog Breeds

1. Basenji
2. Beagle
3. Bichon Frisé
4. Black Russian Terrier
5. Bocker spaniel
6. Boston terrier
7. Bull terrier
8. Bulldog
9. Cardigan welsh corgi
10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
11. Chihuahua
12. Cocker spaniel
13. Dachshund
14. Dwarf Spitz
15. English Spaniel
16. English toy spaniel
17. French bulldog
18. Hairy Fox Terrier
19. Havanese
20. Highland Terrier
21. Italian Greyhound
22. Jack Russell Terrier
23. Miniature Pinscher
24. Miniature schnauzer
25. Mopseagle (??)
26. Papillon
27. Parson Russell Terrier
28. Pekingese
29. Pembroke welsh corgi
30. Pit bull
31. Poodle
32. Pug
33. Schipperke
34. Schnoodle
35. Scottish Terrier
36. Shetland sheepdog
37. Shiba Inu
38. Shih tzu
39. Smooth-haired fox terrier
40. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
41. Standard schnauzer
42. Toy fox terrier
43. West Highland Terrier
44. Whippet
45. Yorkshire Terriers

Large Dog Breeds

1. Afghan hound
2. Airedale Terrier
3. Akita Inu
4. Alaskan Malamute
5. American Eskimo Dog
6. Amerikaansr Staffordshire Terrier
7. Australian Cattle Dog
8. Australian Shepherd
9. Bedlington Terrier
10. Black and tan Coonhound
11. bloodhound
12. Bluetick Coonhound
13. Border Collie
14. Borzoi
15. Boxer
16. Brittany
17. Bullmastiff
18. Canaan dog
19. Chesapeake Bay Retriever
20. Chow chow
21. Collie
22. Dalmatian
23. Dingo
24. Doberman pinscher
25. English Foxhound
26. English Setter
27. English Springer Spaniel
28. Faroahund
29. Field Spaniel
30. Foxhound
31. Frizzy-haired Terrier
32. German Shepherd Dog
33. German Shorthaired Pointer
34. Giant Schnauzer
35. Golden doodle
36. Golden Retriever
37. Great Dane
38. Great Pyrenees
39. Greyhound
40. Irish Red and White Setter
41. Irish Setter
42. Irish Terrier
43. Irish wolfhound
44. Kerry Blue Terrier
45. Labra chow
46. Labradinger
47. Labradoodle
48. Mastiff
49. Newfoundland
50. Norwegian sheep dog
51. Old English sheepdog
52. Otterhound
53. Parson Russell Terrier
54. Pitbull terrier
55. Podenco Ibicenco
56. Pointer
57. Polish sheepdog
58. Poodle
59. Redbone Coonhound
60. Rhodesian Ridgeback
61. Rottweiler
62. Samoyed
63. Siberian Husky
64. Spitz
65. St. Bernard
66. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
67. Tibetan Mastiff
68. Vizsla
69. Weimaraner
70. Welsh Springer Spaniel
71. Wheaten terrier

Ty for reading and sweet dreams.