SimsCamp Attendees + Social Media info!

Our friends at SimsVIP made a list of participants we have figured out so far who are attending Gamescom (38 so far!), we have added their social media information in the following table. Will say it again, I am THRILLED we will be allowed to use Social Media. Some of the Simmers attending SimsCamp have agreed to use the hashtag #SimsCamp while in Cologne, unless Maxis tells us to use a different one :).

Alala Sims (Brazil)@alalasimsAlala Sims
AsiaShamecca Sims (USA)AsiaShamecca Sims
BerrySweetShoppe (USA)@Iamberry
Bill Sim (USA)@hmsdrco2001Bill Simhmsdrco2001
Blacky Sims Zoo (German)@BlackysSimsZooBlacky Sims Zoo
CapitalSim (Spain)@CapitalSimCapitalSim
Centrum Simow (Poland)@centrumsimowCentrum Simow
ChrillSims3 (Sweden)@Chrillsims3ChrillSims3
Crinrict (Switzerland)@crinrictcrinrict
Curtis Paradis Show (Canada)@CurtisParadisthecurtisparadisshow
DOTSim (Poland)@glossygemDotSimpl
Edenstyle (Italy)@Eden_EdenstyleEdenstyle
ehaught58 (USA)ehaught58
elle0808 (UK)elle0808
Garryschool (France)@garryschoolGarryschool
iPodZeke1 (USA)@iPodZeke1iPodZeke1
Luke (Italy)@lukeinsaneLuke Production
Michelle Osorio@michellekenobiMichelle Osorio
Platinum Simmers (Dutch/English)@platinumsimmers @swwsimsPlatinum Simmers TheOnlySww
Pulversoppa (Sweden)@Pulversoppa
Rachybop (UK)@rachybopRachybop
Rflong7 (USA)Rflong7
Ruthless KK (USA)@ruthless_kk Ruth LessRuthless KK
Sara De Moor – (Belgium)
Sims-3.net @sims3netSims-3.net
SimCookie (France)@sim_cookieSimcookie
SimEve (USA)@SimEve1SimEve
SimFans (Germany)@SimFansSimFansDE SimFansDE
SimGoodies (Norway)@SimGoodieSimGoodie
Simified (USA)@SimifySimified
Sim Times (Germany)@SimTimesSimTimes
SimsCri (Italy)@simscriSimsCri
Sims Network (Dutch/English)@snwsnw
Sims Nieuws (Dutch)@simsnieuwsSim Nieuws
Sims True Life (Poland)Sims True Life
SimsVIP (USA)@SimsVIPSimsVIPSimsVIP_Admin
The Sim Supply (Australia)@TheSimSupplyTheSimSupplyFlabaliki
The Sims Resource (UK)@thesimsresourceThe Sims Resource

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  • Hello! Just wanted to let you know my facebook is under Ruth Less if you wanted to add it to the list. Thanks a bunch ;D

    • Done! Was not 100% sure if that was your personal account or Sims page 🙂 Did not want to add anyone’s personal account in this list!