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Stuff pack theme is Eco Living! Now Pick an Art Style

Written by Annabelli_22

Last week we had the choice between 5 stuff pack themes and Eco Living came out as the winner!
Here are the 5 themes in order of placement:

1. Eco Living
2. Starter Home
3. Dangerous
4. Wedding
5. Arcade

Did your favourite theme not win? Check out here what happens to the other 4 themes: Forum post by SimGuruGraham

Now that the theme is known, it is time to pick an art style and here are 2 choices that you can vote on.
This poll will end on April 12th so better pick quick! Go to poll


It will be a while before the next poll will be up, but here is the timeline if you want to set the dates in your calendar!

• Art Style Vote (April 10th – April 12th): Select between proposed art styles for the pack, which will guide our concept artists in the objects and clothing they create.
• Objects & Clothing Vote (May 18th – May 21st): Browse through the concept art we’ve drawn for the pack, and select your top choices to help us determine which objects and pieces of clothing are included.
• Feature Vote (June 23rd – June 26th): Select the top gameplay feature(s) you want to have included in the pack.
• Pack Icon Vote (Fall): Peruse different icons and select the one that will appear in the pack’s box art and within the in-game catalog.
• Pack Title Vote (Fall): Select a title that best summarizes the pack’s atmosphere and content.

Or if you want to chat, suggest, socialize with others about the pack, there is a special corner create: “SimGuruGraham’s Corner”

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