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The Sims 3 Live Broadcast Bingo

Written by sww

We here at Platinum Simmers watch every Live Broadcast that Maxis gives us, what we have noticed is that the SimGurus like to use the same phrases a lot. When I saw the Feb 14th Live Broadcast with Soraya we discussed a drinking game based on those phrases.

While we understand that most of our audience might not like drinking games or are too young for it we have made two different games for the upcoming Live Broadcast this week (April 16th – 6pm BST and 7pm CET). Also, we are not saying they should not use these phrases but after the amount of broadcasts we have had, you do notice them. Besides phrases there are also some common actions and events that happen, below is a list of all of these we made.

The phrases, actions and events

Here is a list of phrases we have found that the SimGurus use a lot! Some are similar but they use all the different versions.

  • Looking Amazing
  • Looking Awesome
  • I’m so excited
  • A ton of (awesome) stuff
  • I’m very excited about it
  • This is a really good question
  • That sounds great
  • Sounds awesome
  • That sounds fantastic
  • This is my favourite
  • I’m super excited
  • I’m really excited
  • It’s so awesome

These different actions happen a lot

  • SimGuruSmitty Laughs (she has an awesome laugh)
  • Hint for an upcoming EP/SP/Store item (not a confirmation just a small hint, through costumes for instance)
  • SimGuruGraham Chuckles
  • Running hand through hair

And just sometimes events happen

  • Chat starts 5-10min late
  • Technical difficulties
  • Sims background music is too loud
  • Forgot to turn static needs on
  • Someone comes up with a proper new nickname for a guru! (For instance SimGuruArgus is better known as Man-Witch after the The Sims 3 SuperNatural Live Broadcast.)

1) Bingo

Either get a piece of paper and a pen or print out the template. Draw a grid of how many boxes you want.

Here we made a grid of 5 columns and 5 rows.


Fill in the different phrases/actions/events, you can use some several times. Download our template here: Live Chat Bingo Template or an empty one here: Live Chat Bingo Empty Template

Each time something is mentioned, said or happens, you can mark off the box. If it appears multiple times, you can mark it once for each appearance. So, for example, “Looks amazing” appears twice, so you can tick off one the first time it’s mentioned, and the other the next time.

When the Live Broadcast is done take a picture of your grid and tweet it to us @PlatinumSimmers using the #TS3LiveChatBingo hashtag or post it on our facebook page!

2) Drinking Game

No need to drink alcohol here! If you do, please drink safely and do not drink if you are underage – it can cause brain damage. Also remember that this broadcast is on a Tuesday and most of us have to work or go to school on Wednesday. If you choose to drink tea, put the electric kettle on your desk or make a pot, you do not want to get up during the broadcast to make another cuppa or coffee.

We are keeping it simple

Each phrase or action = 1 Sip

Each event = 1 Glass

You can print the list here as that might be easier: Live Chat Bingo List

We will try and keep track on our twitter feed of all the different phrases and alert you about it using the #TS3LiveChatBingo hashtag, will probably miss a few so help us out! tweet at @PlatinumSimmers whenever you notice one of the phrases/actions/events.

Have Fun

Whether you play along with either game, or just sit back and enjoy the broadcast, the most important this is to have fun!  You can watch the broadcast here (April 16th – 6pm BST and 7pm CET) and join in with the fun on twitter by tweeting @PlatinumSimmers using the #TS3LiveChatBingo hashtag or on our facebook page here.

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