The Sims 3 Movie Stuff Review

The Sims 3 Movie stuff is an interesting stuff pack, that on the face of it, seems aimed mostly at storytellers and machinima creators.

Once you dig into it, there’s a lot of very usable content, regardless of your play style, and it includes content for almost all ages – only toddlers are missed here.

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I would say though that it feels very much like a “completer” pack – it has great value in complimenting a lot of the existing content, both Expansion Pack and Store Sets, but there’s not enough on any one of the themes – in fact, each style could have the potential to have been expanded into a pack on its own.

The three styles included are Cowboy, Horror and Heroes and Villains.  Immediately, the first two styles tie straight into both Supernatural and Midnight Hollow, and possibly some of the characters in Appaloosa Plains, from Pets.  Through careful use of CAStyle, though, most of them can actually translate into every day houses, a little like the Katy Perry pack.  You might not kit out the whole house in them, but they make for fun key pieces to spice up the decor.

The Heroes and Villains clothing ties in with Into the Future or maybe a city like Bridgeport.  They’ll also work as Showtime costumes or kiddies’ fancy dress.  Even there, it’s nice to have some extra variety!

Overall, Movie Stuff really is “your mileage may vary” – people will either love it, and find that little bits pop up in every game they play – I know a couple of the hairstyles are already up in my favourites, or they won’t miss it if they don’t add it to their collection.

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